Sony Detail Promised 10% PlayStation Store Discount

As promised a few weeks back, Sony are making good on their offer for a one-time 10% discount on a single PlayStation Store purchase.

Just detailed on the official PlayStation Blog, the 10% discount is good for PS4, PS3, and Vita, but can only be used for one purchase, so if you have more than one thing to buy, be sure everything is in your cart before you check out and use the discount code. Speaking of the discount code, Sony say it will be available on the PlayStation Store and on Twitter, so we’re assuming it’ll be the same code for everyone, or at least the same code for everyone in a particular region. The discount goes live this Friday at 9.00am GMT and expires 72 hours later on the following Monday.


There is one caveat to the deal: you can’t use it to buy subscriptions (PS Plus, Music Unlimited, etc.) or video rentals. Season passes and all other content on the store is fair game, including pre-orders for future titles.

This is a nice gesture by Sony in the wake of all the holiday downtime, particularly because they’re already extending every active PlayStation Plus subscription by five days later this week, but it would’ve been nice if the discount was active for more than a few days. Anyone who doesn’t want anything available right now might end up missing out on the savings. That said, with the holiday season having just passed, there is quite a bit of decent content on the store right now. And don’t forget that the Resident Evil remaster launches this week on PS4.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Typical, the day after I buy Driveclub from the store… Ffs.

    • I’ve been holding out for the discount code to buy the season pass. Really warming to this game now :)

    • Same here. I don’t like how i’ve only got the weekend to use it, a couple of weeks before pay day so doesn’t look like i’ll be able to use it. 30 days to use it would of been appreciated. Oh well

  2. Well, as most of the digital content on the store is still so much more expensive than anywhere else, this doesn’t help much. I’ll check whether there’s anything I might get around playing. The Swiss National Bank did better, as they just provided me with a 20% decrease when buying in the UK store… ;o)

    • It will probably still be cheaper to buy a physical copy of a game but it will be worth it for DLC etc.

  3. Bit surprised, and disappointed, by the time limit. I was expecting a code emailed to us that we can use when we like.

    That’s me out then. Nothing I’m interested in, not to mention its a week before payday for a lot of people after a particularly long month!

    Very disappointed

    • Exactly this. My first thought was it’s been a long time since a lot of people will have been paid and I imagine quite a few people will have spent heavily in December.

      While it may not be an issue for everyone it think it’s indicative of sonys lack of understanding of their customers. What should have been an offer for everyone is an offer to very few.

  4. It’s a nice gesture by Sony but let’s be honest and state the obvious, nobody will really benefit other than a new adopter with an empty cart.
    If you haven’t bought it already you probably won’t which would infer that a one game purchase being the order of the day with a saving of maybe 2-3 quid.
    A one off 50% bonus on the other hand would have created a January sale bonanza with people buying all sorts on impulse!

  5. Will use against Resi Evil for sure.

  6. They really need to overhaul the prices on the store. Some of them are ridiculously high and have been for many years.
    Taking 10% off some of the games still leaves them massively overpriced.

  7. Coincidentally MS are sending out the additional month of gold for the Halo multiplayer problems. Got a message saying mine was added on a few days ago. Though Halo’s multiplayer is still far from functional.

    • I played Master Chief Collection yesterday. I only played Big Team Battle, but the matchmaking worked nine out of ten times.

      So it’s getting there, at least for some.

      • I played on Thursday and it took about 6-7 minutes to match enough players for the game. Better than when it wasn’t working but still a way to go!

        My main gripe is after the match it puts you back to the menu rather than load another map, so you have to repeat the search again.

      • Yeah, that part is frustrating. I expect it’ll be fixed at some point.

        For me it took on average between 1-3 minutes to join. Do you have open NAT?

    • I assume you would have to get into a multiplayer game to get the free month? Or have an active gold sub? I used a trial card but couldn’t get into a game.

      It was rumoured that halo mcc was the first game to use the 2015 xbox live multiplayer api, so that could be a reason for it’s troubles.

      • No you just needed to have booted the game before December 19th to get the free month. Didn’t matter about what membership you had or what you played on it. I’ve been using trials for the last couple of months actually.

  8. I was thinking about pre ordering the Witcher 3, with it being £40.49, making it £36.44 with discount, but now it’s gone up to £46.99. I’ll probably get it on disc now, and all copies include a physical map too…

  9. So get 10% off a greatly inflated price of a game and it will still be over what retail can sell it to you for…

    And there is still the issue of those who bought a PS4 and could not play or create a PS+ account, they get no compensation at all.

    • That would of course have been a disappointment to them (& probably pretty bloody frustrating), but they hadn’t at that point paid for any subscription, so aren’t owed anything back in terms of that. Let’s not forget that it wasn’t actually Sony’s fault that they were subject to a DDoS attack.

      I agree on the discount though – Too short a timeframe to use it in & too low a discount to make the prices on the store more viable.

  10. I guess I’ll use it on some DLC for FarCry 4 or a pre-order.

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