The Elder Scrolls Online Drops Subscription, Heads To Consoles In June

The Elder Scrolls Online is finally heading to PS4 and Xbox One in June. A year after it was initially supposed to release, and 14 months after the PC release, the game will also adopt a new buy-to-play model, essentially dropping the monthly subscription fee.


This new edition – which will come as a free upgrade for PC players in March – is named The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited and includes all of the content updates so far. Instead of a subscription then, there will be “optional” downloadable content for purchase to support the game, with a focus on customisation of characters.

Regular updates and gameplay content will be offered free of charge, although there will be a monthly premium membership which features in-game bonuses, a monthly allotment of “crowns” to use in the customisation store, and access to DLC expansions.

This is a sensible move, as the initial purchase of the game and monthly subscription felt like quite a high barrier for entry, particularly if it were to be the same on consoles.



  1. Fantastic news, loved skyrim so hope this is good

  2. Wasn’t expecting that, great news. The elder scrolls series is my all time favourite but I wasn’t keen on paying a monthly sub for one game.

  3. Great news, i was going to skip it due to the subscription but now i will definitely give it a go. Should be just about finished DA Inquisition by June too.. :)

  4. Definitely more interested in this now they’ve dropped the subscription – one of the reasons I haven’t returned to Final Fantasy 14 was due to having let my subscription lapse.

  5. Well colour me interested! Wasn’t fussed on the subscription model but loved Skyrim so this is great news for me!

  6. might be worth giving the pc version a shot in march, still gonna be a few months before the console release and i’m very impatient. ^_^

    but i will almost definitely get this once it releases on console now they’ve dropped the sub.
    i mean, i might have still picked it up with a sub if they had a trial and i enjoyed it enough.

    • Done the pc version last night. Got a copy from cdkeys for under a tenner with a little bit of DLC. My thinking is the price of the game will go back up once the ftp comes in so im getting in there and getting my free month subscription before 17th March comes. i’ll cancel once the 30 days free are up and just wait until the ftp kicks in and get the new updates to the game.

  7. So does that mean the PC version will be subscription free from now or March?
    I enjoyed the beta but the monthly subscription put me off. I just can’t commit to monthly subscription haha.
    I might wait until the PS4 version is released as I have a backlog of games anyway.

  8. I would check out some reviews of the PC version before you get too excited. By all accounts the game is very flawed.

  9. Yay, just in time for my birthday :)

  10. Potentially good news but the game was really crappy when i played the Pc launch.

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