Dead Rising: Watchtower Movie Trailer Is Now Online, Releasing March 27th

Dead Rising: Watchtower, the movie based off the game series, has a trailer and a release date. The movie itself will be releasing exclusively on Crackle from March 27th, and the trailer really makes it look like a B-movie type deal. The only problem is that Crackle no longer operates in the UK, and there’s no official statement on how it will be distributed here on release.  Don’t go in expecting a big budget blockbuster here, but more of an over the top zombie movie. The trailer does give us a look at one of the series’ main protagonist Frank West, played by Rob Riggle,  but it appears he has a minor role in the movie commenting on events as they unfold from a news studio.


Instead it appears a different journalist and his camerawoman are caught right in the middle of a brand new zombie outbreak, where it looks like Zombrex is no longer a drug that can stop people from turning into zombies after being bit. There are glimpses of some of the more insane weapons that have appeared in the games, so it does look like the source material is being used quite well. Watchtower could turn out to be one of those movies that you just stick on when you need something silly to watch.

Source: Youtube



  1. What the eff is crackle when it’s at home?? Never heard of it.

    Hope this does make it to these shores though. I do like a bit of zombie nonsense.

    • I’m not sure, but I’m sure I’ve eaten some in my cereal before.

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