Focus Announce The Technomancer, Set In The Mars: War Logs Universe

Focus have revealed a new game, The Technomancer, set in the same universe as the popular Mars: War Logs universe. It is a brand new story which runs in parallel to the previous game but with a new cast of characters. The title will also borrow and improve some of the gameplay and mechanics from the team’s other title, Bound by Flame.

You play as a newly recruited and trained Technomancer, with their greatest secret passed on you: that Technomancers are mutants. In a world where mutants are shunned, you must keep and protect this secret whilst also trying to find ties back to Earth to dispel the mutation’s social security stigma, centuries after the last contact was made.


As with many modern RPGs, the decisions you make will start to have near term and long term repercussions, with different ways of completing missions open to you depending on your character’s skills. You might be able to bluff your way out of a situation or lie to cover your tracks, but whatever you do will raise and lower your stature with the various factions on the planet and affect the relationships within your party.

No release date or platforms have been announced but we suspect the game will come to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We’ll be back with a preview of the game from the event some time next week.

Source: Our man in Paris, Stefan