Sony Trademark “Resistance”, What Could It Be?

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited has filed a trademark application for “Resistance”, specifically related to video games and electronic games services provided by means of the Internet.

The Resistance franchise was assumed dead after 2012’s Resistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita, could this trademark be for a rebooted PlayStation 4 game? The series has many fans and the Chimera have made appearances in PlayStation adverts so Sony are obviously keen on the games.


However, Insomniac have jumped ship and now create multi-platform titles so they are unlikely to return to the series, in fact Insomniac CEO Ted Price has stated that they”won’t be making any more Resistance games. That said, Creative director Marcus Smith has also said he “can definitely see” Insomniac handing off the PlayStation exclusive shooter series to another developer.

Alternatively, Resistance may be a new keep fit title for PS4 which uses resistance bands.

Who knows? We don’t, but it’s fun guessing, would you like a Resistance reboot?

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  1. “However, Insomniac have jumped ship and now create multi-platform titles” well from their last game not so much.

    Would love a new resistance apart from 2, I quiet loved resistance even burning skies, might use my 10% on it just for my online plat

    • Dunno if I am misreading it, but I have no idea what the last part of your comment (“might use my 10% on it just for my online plat”) means?

      Understood everything up to that part! :D

      • Lol I meant the 10% sony gave us, might use it to buy burning skies to obtain the online trophy to earn the platinum as I bought the game second hand, needed online pass (remember those online passes)

      • You’re a bit late, the 10% discount expired at 9am this morning.

      • Really? Ah man gutted. I thought it excuted midnight today

      • Ah, now I get it! :D

        Yeah, unfortunately the 10% discount was pretty much just over the weekend. Don’t worry though, I didn’t use mine either.

  2. For some reason I never really liked the Resistance games so I’d rather it be something different.

    Maybe it’s a spin-off from the ‘Allo Allo’ series and will based on René’s secret missions when he was forced to join the Resistance… Although that is a bit of a long shot.

    Either that or a game based in the 80s about a group of teenage lads trying to resist opening the Sun newspaper on page 3 revealing Sam Fox.

    They’re my 2 guesses anyway.

    • You’re just thinking of the smut aren’t you?

      • You may have a point there. ;)

    • I’ve been enjoying your comments of later ;)

      My guess is a Mobile Game or, wait for it, a Remastered Trilogy! Now I know we don’t see many Remasters on PS4, so it is a long shot, but who doesn’t like milking a franchise for everything they can?

      • It was the SamBomb wasn’t it ;)

        A Remastered version is probably spot on.

  3. Really liked Resistance 3 & the vita one, 2 was ok and Resistance 1 was hugely disappointing after playing Gears of War not long before it. I’m surprised Sony actually let the trademark lapse.

  4. I’m surprised it wasn’t trademarked in the first place!?

    I can’t see them leaving Resistance as it sold particularly well, and received very good review scores (86,87,83 Metascores for the 3 main games respectively).

    I was gripped by the first, got halfway through the second and got bored so never finished it. Never played the 3rd.

    That’s just made me think, HD Remastered collection?

    And as for Insomniac, they were never a first party studio, they just happened to make mainly PS games only, and they still do, they’re working on a PS4 Ratchet Remake, and an unannounced title (probably multiplatform).

  5. It’s nothing to do with the chimera, but rather a top down isometric pixel style management RPG for mobile platforms detailing Sony’s efforts to convince developers to come up with AAA games for the Vita…

  6. Loved the resistance franchise I was hooked on the co-op on Resistance 2! so I would be all for this then again all I want is a follow up to MAG

  7. Really liked the first one and loved the third. Not much love for the second game though.

    I wouldnt mind another game like the third one.

  8. I must be one of the few who never played the Resistance games. I briefly played the original’s demo but couldn’t get on with the controls – can’t remember why… Maybe you couldn’t invert the Y-axis or something? Anyway, after 5 mins I decided I couldn’t get on with it and took a pass. Never tried any subsequent releases. Did I really miss much??

    • I never got around to playing three so can’t say absolutely about the story, but the gameplay was solid stuff. Multiplayer on the first two were both brilliant as well.

      I remember the original for its sixaxis function whereby if a lower hybrid caught on to you, you’d have to shake the controller. Unfortunately One day I had the charge cable plugged in…

    • It depends how much you like FPS really. They were solid shooters with fairly varied weapons, but lacked in the story department and never seemed to have the “oomph” they were aiming for, even with the large scale monster battles. The first was the best in my opinion, and cheap as chips now so worth a go if you have the time. You certainly aren’t missing out on any pivotal gaming however.

  9. I would love to see a new Resistance game handled by a different team, the concept of the original games was always better than the execution. They were at their best when you were frantically fighting off the invading hoards as part of a team, rather than the generic one man army portions that became more and more frequent.

  10. Knack II:Resistance You read it here first…..

    • I’m down for that. Knack was awesome.

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