Download The Dragon Age: Inquisition Tavern Songs For Free

For the next two weeks you can download ten songs from Dragon Age: Inquisition, including the sheet music for each track, free of charge.

The songs can be heard in the taverns in the game and are their to entertain but “also serve a greater purpose: to carry the tales of triumph and tragedy across the land”. The tunes are as follows:

  • I Am The One (originally featured in Dragon Age: Origins and composted Inon Zur)
  • Once We Were
  • Empress of Fire
  • Enchanters
  • Grey Warden
  • Nightengale Eyes
  • Bard Maker
  • Sera
  • Rise
  • Samson

Click here to nab yourself the tunes then settle back with a nice tankard of mead and enjoy.

Source: DragonAge.Com


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  1. Cool, grabbing them now, even the presumably unpopular composted one.. ;)

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