Microsoft Patch Xbox One Controllers So They Connect Faster

Stop the press! Late breaking news of earth shattering proportions is filtering in from the Microsoft camp and it looks like it could change how we game forever!

After years of highly classified, beyond top secret research, Microsoft have announced that members of the Xbox Preview program can download an update for their Xbox One controllers which will increase the speed in which they connect to consoles.

Rather than take 4-5 seconds to connect to the console the update completely re-writes the space time continuum allowing the controllers to connect in just two seconds, saving you a valuable three seconds each session!

Just think what you could do with that saved time, just 80 gaming sessions and you will have banked enough seconds to ‘cook’ a pot noodle. 820 gaming sessions and you have saved enough time to watch an entire episode of Broadchurch (not including advert breaks). 73,920 gaming sessions might give you the time to fix the matchmaking in the Halo: Masterchief collection, or 4,101, 120 gaming sessions and you could have programmed the current iteration of the The Last Guardian .


Source: Major Nelson



  1. I know it’s only seconds but I am grateful for this update. I like how you can just press the PS button on the DS4 and the console beeps and immediately comes to life. Whereas you actually have to hold down the button on the XB1 pad and wait a few seconds for the console to power on. Good update for the XB1 imo.

  2. I’m impressed that MS are trying to improve every aspect of the console, a far cry from 18 months ago.

  3. I’m actually impressed I still learn about bad design aspects of the Xbone, even after this long. Why did MS let a cage full of monkeys design their console in the first place? But it’s good they’re still on track reversing all that.

  4. Is this is the controller equivalent of improving from 720p to 900p, but not making the full HD cut? So close MS, so close. ;)

    Seriously though, not sure why they persist with 2.4Mhz wireless and all it’s flaws for devices like this. I see a lot of complaints about interference with XBO controllers which literally NEVER happens with the PS bluetooth solution.

  5. I love how you can instantly tell when an article has been written by tuffcub:-

    “Just think what you could do with that saved time, just 80 gaming sessions and you will have banked enough seconds to ‘cook’ a pot noodle.”

    Brilliant stuff, made me laugh as always.

    • My wife and I often use the “cook a pot noodle” quote when sneering at those people who lack basic culinary skills. I remember the quote hit us when uttered by someone falling in to the above category uttered those words on a reality/fly-on-the-wall programme. Anyone remember where that quote was uttered?
      JEEEEEZ! I’ve just Googled “Cook a pot noodle” and found a (sarcastic?) WikiHow 8 step guide to cooking a pot noodle. Is the 20-something generation really so bereft of culinary skills that cooking a pot noodle is considered something for which an online guide is required?

  6. Another nice improvement. Now just let us copy music files to the hdd and I’ll be happy.

  7. They say: it’s the little things that count. This means Microsoft is really rolling up their sleeves :D

  8. I’ve now updated my controllers, and yeah, it’s a very welcome and nice improvement.

    The slow connection time has been a bit of a hassle when watching films, and you need to quickly pause it.

    • That was my number one thought when I heard they were improving it!

      • Dont you just shout “xbox pause”?

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