Sleep All Night And Work All Day, Professional Lumberjack 2016 Coming To Consoles

No it’s not April 1st, this is an actual thing, Professional Lumberjack 2016 will be coming to PC and unspecified consoles, courtesy of Bandai Namco.

If you have embraced the current “lumbersexual” trend then you can enhance your manliness with the game, chopping and shredding trees, racing about on quad bikes and generally be butch. You might even get to put on women’s clothing, and hang around in bars.


Bandai Namco have also picked up the rights for Professional Lumberjack 2015, which will be released for PC in the UK as both a physical product and digital download.

Source: Press Release



  1. This looks ok …

  2. But can you press wild flowers?

  3. From the trailer it looks like I have to go in to the forest, get wood and then sell my wood to likely buyers. I’m all for getting wood all day long, though will there be enough buyers and will they offer me a good enough price for my wood? How do I give the buyers my wood?

    • Also, is there a multiplayer option? Could we give each other wood?

  4. These are the kind of sim games I love, I wonder how it will compare to the woodcutting in Farming Sim 15 which is also coming to consoles.

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