PS Vita Map And YouTube Apps To Be Discontinued

Sony have announced that with immediate effect the PS Vita YouTube app will be removed from the PlayStation store and support for it will cease on 20th April 2015. Vita owners can still access YouTube via the Browser application and will be able to access their YouTube data, such as playlists and channels, by signing in to the site.

The Map application – which is pretty useless if you have standard wifi Vita – is also to be discontinued and will be will be disabled with the next PlayStation Vita system software update which is scheduled for March.


Sony also state that “Some features of the [near] application will be disabled”, but also say that “the disablement of features will not affect gameplay.”

Source: PlayStation Support 1/2



  1. Might as well discontinue the VITA, it never was what it was promised to be, a hand held AAA machine. I dont think a Netflix app was even done for the UK thats how well supported this console is. I have never regretted buying a console as i much as i do my VITA.

    • I would agree, no real AAA games, but when I got my PS4, all changed, remote play works quite well for me.

      Ok not with Murdered: Soul Suspect, could not make the cat jump and lost all fights with the demons:-)

      Rest worked really well.. (DriveClub, Tombraider, TLOU, Metro, Killzone, Ghost, BF4 etc)

      And as I do not have an Android phone the Vita is back on my favorite handheld console list.. With almost no games installed, besides the plus or crossbuys..

  2. Grr, I’ve just imported a Japanese vita game called Monster Radar that has you chasing monsters down by making you run down a street after them judging on your location. I’m so bored of this “only for now, never for life” mantra of technology. My ZX Spectrum still works fine and all the games still work! *stops before my usual rant*

  3. i’m a bit surprised at the Youtube app being removed but i was using the browser before that anyway and it’s quicker than loading an app.

  4. Near is an ace app and any limitation on it might hinder it. I liked how friends could help with challenges from games such as Unit 13 or Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Here is hoping that side of it at least remains intact.

  5. Its a shame Sony have given up on the vita. Great console that never fulfilled its potential.

  6. The end is nigh.

  7. PS4-U second screen…it still has a job :P

  8. Ending YouTube support is the most moronic thing, especially given the positives it would add to the Vita TV (if they’d bothered to enable it with that version of the Vita). It seems like Sony missed a trick with this, and further doomed the Vita.
    Admittedly, Maps was absolutely useless and I don’t care to see it go.

  9. Yeh the only thing left for the Vita now (and it’s a pretty big thing), is PS4 remote play.

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