Xbox Live Currently Suffering From Sign In Issues

If you’re trying to sign into Xbox Live at the moment you may notice that you’re having trouble, and that’s because the service is facing problems on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. The main issue is actually signing in to the service, with the status page currently showing online gaming as working fine.

Are you having connection issues with Xbox Live? Our team is already engaged and investigating right now and we are trying to get it fixed ASAP! Thanks for your patience while we work.

The root of the problem is being investigated, and should hopefully be fixed in a short period of time. There are also issues with downloading purchased content on both Microsoft consoles too, with the main one appearing to be Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC, mainly Exo Zombies. If you are having problems with that then you will need to download Compatibility Pack 1 once the service is resumed.

Source: Xbox Support



  1. Cue mass hysteria as one part of the internet gloats that PSN is working and live isn’t as infallible as some claim and how an always online would have worked so well now, others claim they have had no problems and have been playing Titanfall/SSO/Forza/Halo MCC for the past 75 hours without a problem and have never had a problem in the past 30 years they’ve been live members and the rest of the internet looks on wondering what all the fuss is about, sometimes large complex online systems have bugs, so some people could play online games for a few hours talk about first world problems!

    • If someone played Halo MCC for 75 hours without a problem I’d be impressed.

    • Wow, punctuated much?

      • Mass hysteria will do that to you.

  2. Was wondering why I got booted off last night. Sadly this is becoming all too frequent for both of these new consoles.

  3. Was going to try titanfall for the first time (it’s on sale if anyones interested). I wasn’t even allowed to start the game because I couldn’t sign in to live.

    • That’s an online game though, no offline modes as far as I’m aware.

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