What We Played #188: Dying Light, LittleBigPlanet, And Call Of Duty

Another week of playing video games, another week of bringing the stories, conquests, and failures to you in a little piece we like to call What We Played. So exactly did we play? Follow us down the rabbit hole, won’t you?

We begin this week with Dom who, yet again, spent some time with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. He was ready for it to end when he played last week so this week really has him looking for the credits. He’s still not entirely certain how far he is from the finale but he noticed the story missions are unlocking silver trophies now, so he’s using a bit of gamer logic to assume he’s getting close. He also played a bit of Monster Hunter 4 and Unmechanical: Extended for review, the latter of which is available for your viewing pleasure right now. Finally, he spent some time gaming with his son, the details of which can be found just below.

Noah and I completed Lego: The Hobbit which was great, though it’s only covered the first two films and there’s no sign of the next one yet. Anyway, we’ve moved on to LittleBigPlanet 3 – which he’s loved as we can put stickers everywhere with our faces on, and I think is great as it has Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie in it (and another blooming Nolan North appearance too!).

Onward and upward we move to Blair, who thought it would be cool to abandon the rest of us here at TSA and go on vacation to Malta. This didn’t leave him a lot of time for gaming but he did get to go bowling, which he says counts as a video game since it’s pretty much a “weird real life remake of that Wii Sports game.” He also managed to spend some time with Majora’s Mask on his 3DS, and a bit of Threes! on his iPhone.


One of the capable people left to keep the site moving in Blair’s absence was Teflon, and you’ll be shocked to know that he spent some time with Destiny this week. He also dug into his backlog and played the Extinction mode on Call of Duty: Ghosts for a bit, and he logged a few hours with Dying Light. Between preview builds and the final game, Tef noted that he’s played through the first few hours of Dying Light on four different occasions now. And for whatever reason he keeps hanging around with bunimomike, who was nice enough to stream some co-op gameplay with him this week.

Next up we have Jim, who found himself spending time with a variety of games this week, starting with Alien: Isolation and Wolfenstein: The New Order. He noted that he’s enjoying both of them but they both share similar pacing issues that are making the experience a little less than perfect. Jim also racked up platinum trophy #49, finishing inFamous: First Light and really enjoying his time with it. He also dedicated some time this week with more Assassin’s Creed: Unity, including the Dead Kings expansion, but he was less than thrilled with what he saw.

Although perfectly playable, it’s disappointing to see a sustained number of bugs and glitches throughout the game. Not only that, the combat is really starting to grow stale. Ever since Assassin’s Creed III -when they ditched the original combat model- it has felt too simplistic.

Finally, although he didn’t mention it, this guy I know who stalks his PSN status has it under good authority that Jim has been playing some Dying Light as well, and his thoughts went up earlier today.

Aran takes us around the final corner this week with his completion of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Although he couldn’t bring himself to finish all the side quests, he managed to finish the story and stated that he thinks the removal of the Fallow Mire and Hissing Wastes areas likely would’ve made a large impact on the story. He also finished Grim Fandango for review, and while he’s quick to point out that it’s a “product of its time,” he still gave the thumbs up if you enjoy adventure games. Aran finished his week with Saints Row IV, where he dressed up as Rowdy Roddy Piper and punched aliens in the face. Because that’s apparently what you do in Saints Row IV.

As for me, schoolwork has kept me very busy and away from most of my site duties but I did get to finish Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I walked away from that one thinking it was probably the best Call of Duty campaign we’ve had since Call of Duty 4, but I really wish they would’ve explored Kevin Spacey’s character a little but more, as his time on the screen was fantastic from beginning to end.

I also threw in the towel on Geometry Wars 3, not wanting to grind the same few levels over and over again for a higher score to unlock more levels. What’s funny is that I grind Resogun levels for a higher score all the time, but the fact that I’m forced to do so in Geometry Wars makes it seem like a very different task.

So brings an end to another week of gaming for us here at TSA. Just below this text is the comments section, and I think you know what to do when you get there. Tell us what’s going on in your gaming life and let us know you’ve been up to.



  1. I have played Hitman Contracts and Metro 2033 Redux both Platinum. Also had an hour of Resident Evil HD using Share Play. Shame it won’t allow me to take screenshots but will get the game in the future. Just recently started Far Cry 4. So much stuff to do xD but enjoying it so far :)

  2. Been playing Tomb Raider DE on ps4. Enjoyed the game but don’t like the multi-player at all. Started Skylanders Cash Cow (Trap Team) which my lad got for xmas. Pretty much the same as Swap Force. Revisted Steam World Dig for an hour or so too.

    • There’s multiplayer? I’ve finished the game and don’t recall anything about that.

      • Yep, Deathmatch/Team deathmatch kinda affair. Might have been a point capture type mode too, but I can’t rightly recall right now (as this is based on the PS3 version).

        Wasn’t the best multiplayer ever seen, but could be a reet good laugh with mates.

    • Completed the game three times (PS3, PS4, XB1) and didn’t even bother to try the MP once. No need for it at all.

      • The only reason I gave MP a go was cos of the trophies. I feel it may be too much of a pain to bother going for the Platinum

  3. So, I’ve gotten back into Dragon Age. I’ve done a million sidequests and one story mission. That game just continues to give, I found out there’s at least two locations I’ve never visited before.

    I’ve unlocked the final world in Mario 3D World, I believe it leads to the Elite Four.

    Played some Halo Collection multiplayer. No, really.

    And I’ve been playing some Shovel Knight, can you tell?

  4. Lots of CoD Ghosts Extinction; some The Walking Dead season 2 on Vita (the first two episodes); played through most of Murdered: Soul Suspect; and some Red Dead Redemption – I finally got the “reach level 50” online rank trophy, and also my 5,000th trophy which was for passing into Legend.

  5. I’ve really only played assassins creed unity on Xbox one and today downloaded #IDARB . #IDARB is an unexpected fun game. Also with twitch hash tag control is fun watching/trolling their game.

    • #IDARB looks ace. Not on Gold currently so cannot download it :(

      • It’s fun playing it on your own. So I can only guess what it’s like multiplayer at the minute. On twitch is a great laugh trolling people with the hash tags #ricky :)

  6. Started playing Shadow of Mordor properly this week. Despite my early frustrations thanks to the difficulty and sketchy traversal controls, I’m now really enjoying it. Not a particularly deep game of course but its just fun to muck about with the Nemesis system.
    I’ve been paid today so hoping to pick up Resident Evil HD this evening. The Gamecube version is my favourite game of all time so I’m hoping it still holds up in 2015 :)

  7. Started Dying Light, only played through the prologue so far but will probably get stuck into it over the weekend.
    Collected my 125th platinum (and 1st of 2015) with Teslagrad on PS4 … even though I’ve still to beat the final boss.
    More Binding of Isaac (still no sign of the patch that will allow me to actually platinum the game).
    Also played a few dlc events in Driveclub and the new Trials Fusion dlc.

  8. Scored the CoD: Ghosts platinum trophy earlier today, and pretty much just been playing that most of the week.

    Started Life is Strange and so far so good, looks to be very unique and interesting with the time manipulation. Also slowly getting through Remember Me, which has turned out to be a spectacular game.

  9. Destiny, Dying Light on PS4, Baboon!, Metrico, Velocity 2X and Resogun on Vita.

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