Did Metal Gear Rising 2 Just Get Teased At The Taipei Game Show?

During a live broadcast of the Taipei game show of what appears to be forthcoming PlayStation 4 games there is a small countdown. As the voice over shouts “two” the image below pops up on screen for just a fraction of second.


That looks suspiciously like the Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance font, doesn’t it?

You can check out the Twitch feed for yourself on this link, the image flashes up at around 2:46:39.




  1. Please no the first one was awful give me vanquish 2 any day

  2. I disagree, the first one was pretty fun and added a different spin to the Metal Gear gameplay. However, I wouldn’t say no to Vanquish 2 either.

  3. Revengance was all kinds of awesomeness, Platinum again and I’ll be so happy

  4. I’ll be disappointed if it isn’t called Re-revengeance.

    • Yeah, I hope it gets a silly name.

      Avengeance? Prejudigeance?Nanomachineance?

      • Very nice, I’ll opt for Avengance any day.

  5. I liked Metal Gear Rising Revegance but it wasn’t a Metal Gear game due to how over the top it was. I have been told it’s meant to be a parody of the series, which would explain a lot of the plot. But i would pick up the sequel if they improve on what they had with Revengance. Would like to see Stealth actually be stealth instead of just stabbing people from behind or above.

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