Battlefield Hardline Is The “Same Resolution Settings As Battlefield 4”

We’re going to treat this as a rumour at the moment as nothing has been confirmed by EA, but one of their Australian representatives has said that Visceral were aiming to get both console version “playing at 60 FPS using the same resolution settings as [Battlefield 4]“.

Battlefield 4 runs at 900p on PlayStation 4 and 720p on Xbox One.

Previously both Sony and Visceral have said the game will run at 1080p on both consoles, although the last beta for the game ran at 900p on PlayStation 4.

Contributors on Reddit have noticed that the resolution is rather low on the Xbox One beta, “Ugh, is it running at 720p? What’s with the aliasing and murky textures,” posted one user. “Man this low resolution is a buzz killer. Sometimes its really hard to see people”, was another comment.

EA have commented on the rumour and issued a statement to Videogamer, “This was said in an interview with Australian press, but we don’t have any further comment on the subject.”

That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence but perhaps the game will get a last minute polish before it’s release this March.

If you have not downloaded the beta you can catch Tef and Jim playing the game via the TSA Twitch stream at 1pm this lunchtime.

Source: GamesOnNet / Videogamer



  1. I hate this generation. Ridiculous obsession with resolution.

    • Whilst I would agree with you to some point, having your spanky new console run at the same resolution as the one from 8 years ago is a bit of a kick in the teeth for Xbox owners.

      • Indeed but as long as the graphics etc have hugely improved then it offsets its somewhat.

      • Resolution is a key part of graphics though, and has been since forever. It brings out more detail and reduces aliasing. It makes text easier to read and lets you spot that enemys head further away. It genuinely has an effect on gameplay in certain genres, particularly racing and shooters where spotting and reacting to events at a distance can be crucial. The higher the resolution, the less important it gets. But I think on a normal 1080p television, 720p can have a negative effect.

        I agree there are more important aspects to graphics, but 900p or equivalent horizontally scaled resolutions should be the minimum this generation. I’d rather cut some shader and shadow detail than not have enough resolution to actually see the difference.

        Sorry for the long post, I’m off to play Xenoblade Chronicles on my Wii.

  2. Hmmm,thought as much, 900p60 looks great (and very good performance, haven’t noticed any big drops like it could happen occasionally in BF4), but not quite the 1:1 pixel sharpness of 1080p.

    Perhaps they’ve kept them as they are for the beta because they want to stress CPU and network server performance, knowing that it isn’t GPU related. Like the recent Halo 5 multiplayer Beta?

    I would be happy for the final product to be 900p (sucks a bit for 720p on xbox butstill miles better than the 720p30 on last gen), considering that they have good, modern lighting, some nifty effects work I don’t completely understand, but sounds cool. And the massive scale!

  3. 720p vs 900p is an even bigger drop than the 900p vs 1080p we’ve seen on quite a few games over the past year or so. Assuming the same 16:9 aspect ratio that is. If I can count properly (which is sometimes doubtful), that’s less than 2/3 the pixels for the XBone, compared to only losing 31% of the pixels in the 900vs1080 situation.

    Doesn’t matter, because having played the beta for a bit yesterday, it doesn’t look that great anyway and it’s not that much fun to play either.

  4. Had a quick play last night. Kills 1 deaths 12. I only got the kill from a lucky grenade throw too.
    I’m not sure increased resolution will help me :(

    • I dare say the framerate might. Looks nice and smooth on the PS4.

      • That was on the ps4. Looked fine and played ok but i’m crap at that sort of game and have no inclination to practice cos it’s not the type of game experience that interests me.

  5. I played for a couple of hours last night. What I’ve seen is certainly not worth the £65 being asked for the digital download….

    • As if anyone would pay that when it can be found for £45 at retail…

  6. Really glad I went with the PS4 rather than XBone. Phew! Going to have a go tonight didn’t get a chance last night waiting for it to download and install etc.

  7. Hopefully Battlefront doesn’t share the same fate.

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