New Info For Rise Of The Tomb Raider Reveals The Location Of Lara’s Next Adventure

A few new details for Rise of the Tomb Raider came out yesterday alongside the announcement that it will be on the cover of Gameinformer next month. After a surprising E3 reveal in 2014 that was followed by controversy over the timed Xbox One exclusivity that the game will have, very little info has been divulged on the upcoming title until now.

While the new info is pretty sparse so far, we now know that Lara is headed to Siberia, a frigid land full of new dangers, one of which is a secret society that will no doubt intend to do Lara harm. Why? Because the “lost secrets of immortality” are at stake, which is why Lara finds herself in Siberia in the first place. Beyond that, there’s brief mention that crafting survival items will play a big role in the new game, as will hunting and solving larger puzzles than the previous entry.

Below you can see the artwork they opted to use on the cover, as well as the first screenshot of the game. We expect Rise of the Tomb Raider to hit Xbox 360 and Xbox One this autumn.




Source: Gameinformer



  1. The artwork, new location, being current-gen exclusive, more focus on crafting/puzzles/hunting all sounds like steps in the right direction to me, and if that’s the case I cannot wait as I loved the reboot and this is sounds even better!

    • Shame its only on Xbox for an undisclosed period of time then eh? :(

      Actually on that point, has anything further been mentioned on the exclusivity? All I know is that Microsoft stated it was ‘exclusive’, but then it emerged that it was in some way timed or something. I don’t think we have heard anything further than that have we?

      • Personally I can see it being a bit like Mass Effect 1 was last gen. Xbox exclusive for a long time but eventually will make an appearance on PS4 once the deal expires, probably in the form of some “Tomb Raider Trilogy” boxset.

      • To be honest the time delay doesn’t bother me too much, I’m certainly not going to rush out and buy an XBO just to play this, and I can’t miss something I don’t have – it’s just the same as The Division etc being delayed really.

      • No, I’m the same – Happy to wait until it appears.

        I just don’t recall hearing when that may be & presumably due to whatever deal was put on the table, they seem to be being decidedly cagey about releasing that info.

      • Yeah, it would be comforting to hear that it’s definitely coming to PS4 and a rough idea of when. I guess they have to keep quite and build on the XBO hype….we may not even hear anything official about PS4’s release until it’s out on the XBO! :(

      • This whole ‘how long is a duration’ debate has been making the rounds on the Tomb Raider forums for a while now and while there is no official word on when it will come to PS4/PC we know it will as there has been increasing comments of ‘the studio [Crystal Dynamics] has not written out a possible PS4/PC release’ which wasn’t being toted until recently. IT’s all speculation, obviously, but any time an MS or CD representitive talks about the game they always seem to have the buzz phrase ‘holiday 2015′ in there. The overly intensified and emphasised use of the phrase leads many, including I, to think that the deal is one that is mainly for the holiday period and a while after meaning the game could come as little as 6 months after, to match the first game’s release window, or the usual port time for Xbone games of 12 months. Phil spencer has openly admitted that he wasnts TR to be MS’ competitor exclusive for Uncharted this holiday season and it could be seen that the importance of having TR exclusive is only for the short period of the holiday season to attract in new Xbone buyers and detract from the Uncharted 4/PS4 bundles Sony will inevitably be offering this holiday season. Microsoft is publishing on Xbox which may mean that they have it for a certain while leaving Square Enix to foot the bill for the PS4/PS3 and PC versions at a later date which wouldn’t be a true exclusivity deal in the classic sense.

    • Absolutely agree. But it is coming to 360, although that’s a port by a different studio (Nixxes).

      And I’ve got an Xbox, so I don’t have to wait for a re-release. :-)

      • Oh I didn’t know that, well hopefully it’ll be built for current gen, but ported to last-gen as you say!

        That’s a bonus if you don’t have to wait ;)

  2. Looks amazing, looking forward to this. Grown up Lara looks stunning too.

  3. Glad to hear there will be a return of the puzzling that was always central to the series, it was beginning to look like Dragon Age Inquisition was the new tomb-raiding game.

    • I’ve always thought of Assassins Creed as the new Tomb Raider. For years now.

      • I was thinking about this while playing DA:I as it has more tombs and puzzles than the TR reboot had.

  4. Really looking forward to this but the fact that they’re releasing this on the 360 takes some of the shine off.

    When are they going to stop releasing games on last gen consoles? The first year or so you can understand but when Rise of the Tomb Raider comes out, the XB1 will have been on the market for over two years. Ridiculous.

    • Well, that could have to do with it being xbox-exclusive. With going that route, they may just need the bigger install base of last generation…

      • Im sure every developer/publisher would love a last-gen size install base but it all comes at the expense of a truly next gen experience. We shouldn’t be seeing this greedy practice two years into a new gen.

        Say what you want about Sony but they always push the boundaries when it comes to delivering true next gen visuals. Take Uncharted 4 for example. Exclusive to PS4 and taking full advantage of the expensive consoles we didn’t run out and buy to play spruced up PS3/360 games on. That’s how it should be.

        We shouldn’t accept this ‘good enough’ mentality from MS because they want to line their pockets. Though, I’ve generally come to expect nothing less.

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