Watch Us Play The Battlefield Hardline Beta

As always, thanks to those that tuned in to watch us streaming. Jim and I explored those two game modes, and got to grips with just how you’re meant to try and tackle Heist and Hotwire. If you weren’t free to watch this lunchtime, you can catch our archived stream below or check out our written preview and video discussion on what the beta is like from earlier in the week.

It’s lunchtime, and today that can mean only one thing: we’re rushing off to the digital playground after wolfing down our lunch, and we’re going to play some games. This time around, it’s a game of cops & robbers in the Battlefield Hardline Beta, with the long arm of the law trying to swat away the annoying presence of the criminal world.

Jim and I will be diving into the beta, to try out the new game modes, explore the maps and generally chat about the game. There’s even a chance that a wild Blair might appear for a little while.


So join us on Twitch at 1PM, either by clicking play below or coming to say hello on Twitch itself. You should be able to find us as “thesixthaxis” if you’re trying to watch via a mobile app.


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  1. I am all over hotwired.what crack..jacking cars listening to krs one and popping caps into trailing you can get immense scores providing u don’t get busted..

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