Over 45 Million Copies Of Grand Theft Auto V Have Shipped To Retail

Right, so it turns out this Grand Theft Auto franchise we keep hearing about might just catch on after all. It seemed pretty shaky after the very obscure releases of Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA IV, but Grand Theft Auto V looks like a clear winner.

Putting my terrible attempt at sarcasm aside for a moment, GTA V has been an absolute beast at retail, moving over 45 million units out of the warehouse and into brick-and-mortar stores around the world, with over 10 million of those on new-gen hardware. If that wasn’t impressive enough, don’t forget that this number doesn’t include the digital copies sold across all platforms, or the highly anticipated PC version of GTA V that launches next month.


So yeah, much to the surprise of everyone, I think Grand Theft Auto is here to stay. Who could’ve known that if you create amazing games many people love playing, they’ll come out in droves to buy them? I suspect other game developers may start looking into this model.

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  1. Amazing. I bought the damn thing twice myself, first a physical copy on PS3, and then digital copy on PS4…

  2. It’s a crazy high number but I think it’s deserved. It’s not like they turn out sequels every year or two.

    Now make red dead 3!

  3. Wow, so that’s 45 million people STILL waiting for heists!! ;) Plus digital owners….

    Sarcasm aside it is a fantastic game, and I own physical copies on PS3 and PS4. Hopefully a lot of their profit will be reinvested to make even better games in the future!

  4. Not to take away from this incredible feat but does anyone else think GTA is overrated? The series peaked with Vice City for me and has been ‘just ok’ since.

    • I agree, part of it is having to level up abilities and stuff. I’m not a fan of the RPG elements. Vice City was the best to me.

    • Nope. Whilst my rose-tinted specs will always love Vice City, GTA V is a gaming marvel in so many ways it’s untouchable right now. However, as always, to each their own.

      What I find very hard to get my head around is people who still prefer San Andreas! For those people, I wish them a safe, warm, cosy cell in the madhouse. Not safe for society, those folk. :-)

      • I’m one of those people that thought sam Andreas was better than vice city. San Andreas was more appealing to a wider audience cause it was more modern & reached a new audiences with their homage to Eazy E, the street gangs etc.

        Vice city sucked

      • I never played San Andreas when it originally came out on the PS2 but I did pick it up a few years ago to see what all the fuss was about. It hasn’t aged well at all. Played the first two or three missions and couldn’t carry on.

        It was probably great back in the day but there are just too many frustrating gameplay elements. I think that’s my issue with GTA in general. I just don’t enjoy the gameplay. They improved it a little in GTAV but not enough for my liking. It’s still very much like every other GTA game imo.

        I realise I’m outnumbered 45 million to one (or two, bacon man).

        One thing I do miss about GTA is the silliness that the PS2 games had. Flying/Floating cars (!!!) …I miss you.

      • While I prefered San Andreas, I think that the next GTA game should be a return to Vice city as San Andreas and Liberty city were the last two settings. Kind of had enough with liberty city altogether now I think of it.

    • don’t be stupid. San andreas is clearly the best in the franchise. but ido agree after San andreas they have gone rubbish. GTAIV and V are an insult and spit in the face why people loved the GTA games in the first place. other than San andreas which is the best one they have gotten worse yet actually sell more.

  5. Beautiful game on PS3, I can only imagine what it looks like on the new machines.
    I’ve completed the story and bought property etc but what do I do now? Even the online game, I just don’t know what i’m meant to be doing with the drive of the story mode. I still play it without direction but I feel I should be doing something.

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