News Snatch: Batman: Arkham Knight, The Order: 1886, And The Internet Of Things

There seems to be a plague of Warhammer games at the moment, hundreds of the buggers have emerged, well, five or six at least. This is a trailer for Warhammer 40,000: Regicide on PC.

Also reaching epidemic status is The Order: 1886 which has a new video almost every day, above is their Super Bowl advert, and below a behind the scenes look at the game.

This is the first look at Commissioner Gordon from Batman: Arkham Knight

The Crew will be patched on February 12th, click this link for full patch notes, including a frame rate improvement.

Were you expecting any DLC for South Park: The Stick of Truth? Really? That game that came out a year ago? You’re still expecting some? Well good thing Polygon are asking ridiculous questions as hopeful as you.

The answer is no, in case you were wondering, you’re not getting any DLC.

An upcoming episode of Law & Order SVU, titled “Intimidation Game”, will hit screens in the United States next week. Not something we would usually cover, but they are tackling GamerGate. And by tackling, I mean sensationalising and making it all shooty.

“Video game developer Raina Punjabi (Mouzam Makkar) ignores warnings from online predators when the release date of her game arrives soon. When a female employee is soon assaulted at a game convention, the detectives ask Punjabi to halt the game’s release. When she refuses, the detectives must protect her.”

At the time of writing, the trailer has 22 likes and 796 dislikes on YouTube.

  • Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us actor says gamers want better games! In mind blowing, pant wetting news, professional voice talking bloke Troy Baker says us gamers prefer playing “better” games rather, rather than crappy ones. Who knew?
  • Mass Effect 4 won’t be like Dragon Age: Inquisition!
    Stop the press! This just in: Space based alien battle shooter thing won’t be like hobbitty dragon game!

A tweet by Ed Vaizey, minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries (i.e. video games) and rather weirdly my home town of Wantage, so I’ve seen him buying milk in Sainsbury’s when I go back to see the folks.

I digress, what is the The Internet of Things? I don’t know but it’s my new favourite phrase and I shall be using it from now on.

So this happened to me on Destiny last night, it appears to be some sort of glitch which spawns a ridiculous amount of Vex, and with them, an awful lot of loot. I only managed to catch the last few minutes but you can see how fierce the battle is and it was like this for about twenty minutes!

Team Ninja, the developers of the Dead or Alive series, the one with the barely legal teenage girls fighting in their pants and a camera that lets you zoom in on their breasts, has commented on the PC release of Dead or Alive: Last Round.

“We have to deal with mod issues from an IP holder perspective,” said director Yohei Shimbori. “We would like to ask PC users to play our game in good moral and manner. Otherwise, we won’t be able to release a title for PC again.”

I hope you are listening, PC owners. No modding the game to remove all the clothes, that is not moral.

And Finally, pretty much everyone noted that the recent trailer for Final Fantasy XV featured four young men who wouldn’t look out of place in a boyband. Of course, the Internet has helped out.


  1. The internet of things is basically a term for machine to machine communication rather than just users being served data.
    For example, with a NEST heating system you can have your phone automatically turn the heating on when you leave work. You can get washing machines that report status over the internet, fridges that can reorder milk when it runs low and embedded chips that track and report cattle movements by scanning them at fences and gates. That kinda stuff.

    We are getting more and more (and its becoming more useful and less gimmicky) with things like self-driving cars and systems to monitor, trend, and respond to stuff like tide levels or building fires.

    • It still doesn’t make sense.

      • Basically CTOS if you’ve played watch dogs. If you haven’t its the next level of data collection and analytics.


  2. Curiously, that video from Destiny you posted looks as though it is an ‘Enemy is moving against each other’ event (like you get on Venus in the bit just after the Ishtar Academy) – However, it is pretty weird as I have never seen that occur there & some of those enemies appeared to be a lot stronger than their level would suggest. From what I saw, I think you were fighting a level 17 axis minotaur with Atheons Epilogue – That thing should have been tearing through its void shield, but it’s like you were using a standard kinetic weapon.

    Bizarre (but thanks for sharing)!

    Also, there is so much wrong with that Law & Order SVU episode it is unreal. Props to the original naming of their characters with ‘Raina Punjabi’! Wonder how long it took them to come up with that name??

    As a final note, Commissioner Gordon is looking like a bit of a hottie in that screenshot.

    • Yes apparently that’s what it is, never encountered one before. Kinda awesome :)

  3. It’s no surprise that Stick of Truth won’t get any DLC. I suspect Obsidian refuses to do anything without the show’s creators due to how popular the game is and how it showed everyone that games based on a show can work.

  4. Got my first look at the order 1886 yesterday as hadn’t paid any attention to it (i’m not usually interested in games set back in those times etc) I was very impressed looks like a great game and looking forward to it. Seems to be a lot of people bringing it down “it looks too much like gears of war” “it’s too linear” etc. Probably the same people that buy the same FIFA every year with wow, updated teams! Will be getting the order and dying light this month.

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