Rebellion Confirms Zombie Army Trilogy Launches On March 6th

Zombie Army Trilogy is launching on March 6th for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. As well as confirming the release date Rebellion also gave information on what player’s can expect when the trilogy launches. PC owners who already own the first two Zombie Army titles can get a 60% discount on the complete package.

Zombie Army Trilogy adds five new levels to the alternate World War II era Germany, with zombies, monsters, and occult leaders. The X-Ray kill camera will be present within the game, and players will have to take into account things like bullet drop. Four new female characters have also been added, and a survival horde mode will have players battle the undead across five locations.


Updates include improved visual effects and a dismemberment tool that allows players to pick off various limbs. These updates have been implemented into the first two games.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Not complaining, but there isn’t a lot of info here on the games themselves for those that don’t know what they are – The description makes it sound like ‘Sniper Elite: Zombie edition’, is that the sort of thing that it is?

    • Yeah, the game almost seems a bit rushed to me – I really enjoyed V2 and Sniper Elite 3 but I won’t be grabbing this until I know more about it and have seen a few gameplay trailers.

      Sniper Elite 3 was pretty glitchy too, although none game-breaking.

      I think the zombie mode started as a community mod so it’s interesting to see it get its own game.

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