Multiplayer On PS4 Will Be Free This Weekend

Sony has announced that this weekend will be allow all PS4 owners to access multiplayer options regardless of a Plus membership. The free weekend for non Plus members will run from 6am GMT on Friday the 13th, until 6am Monday 16th of February. This weekend won’t let non Plus members access the monthly games, and Plus discounts on the store or the cloud storage feature.

Of course this is a promo offer to boost Plus subscriptions but instead of just having free multiplayer Sony should have made the Plus games availiable too, just as an extra sweetener for the weekend. Not everyone who has a Plus account does so just for multiplayer, and showing non-members an example of games they could be getting as part of the membership could make them more interested.


A few months ago Sony confirmed that Plus membership numbers had reached 7.9 million across its consoles.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Prepare for the inevitable network problems caused by the sudden influx of players. Its generally a good idea to expect the worst with sony at the moment. Hope im wrong as planning to play online a lot this weekend

  2. Prepare for the inevitable people moaning they pay for plus but people are getting it for free and demanding the free days added to there sub lol.

    • why wouldn’t people complain ? Sony have essentially taken away the 3 out of 5 days they gave as a apology essentially making it pointless. stop being a sheep and telling people they shouldn’t complain.

      • Baaa lol basically they didn’t have to give you anything,plus at the end of the day it’s a couple of days which literally comes to a couple of quid and probably not even that,some people just enjoy a moan these days ;)

      • lifes to short to moan over farty little things like a few days of plus,also i never told anyone not to moan in my original post i just pointed out there will be prople who do and i was correct ;)

    • I’ve just created an online petition to force Sony to refund the 33p that I’m loosing out on my plus membership. That’ll show em.

      • :D keep a tabs on your cart lol

  3. Prepare for the inevitable. Just prepare.

  4. Would be great for non plus to try out Battlefield Beta over the weekend as that could boost Sony for gamers becoming a Plus Member on March and getting Battlefield. But ah well…..

    • It’s finishing today the beta so no chance over the weekend

  5. The only thing I don’t get about this sort of promotion is how people would know if they are not a plus subscriber that the weekend is free? Is it supposed to be like a surprise revelation that they are supposed to just notice, or are people actually notified in some way?

    For instance, is it just like when you had cable back in the day, flicked past the porn channels & then noticed one just happened to be unscrambled? That kind of thing?

    • Haha!! Those were the days :-)

    • It’ll probably be in what’s new and such, but I get what you are saying.

      • Does ‘what’s new’ even populate if you aren’t on plus though? Actually, I suppose it probably does only require an online connection rather than a subscription.

        The only experience I have of it outside of plus would be when the network was down, so that wouldn’t be a good comparison.

  6. Ooh, I’ll be able to give GTA Online and PvZ a go, fingers crossed PSN works!

  7. Just sign on then sign off, no point dwelling I think Forrests porn channels did it! :O

  8. I know this is kind of unrelated to the ps plus weekend but, when are they going to release some actual games on the Vita. I love the console…I really do. But as far as I can see the only games that are being released over the next 6 months or so are some weird japenese games that i’ve never heard of nor will I ever buy. The only thing keeping me from selling it is playing the PS Plus games each month. Where most the time they are also playable on PS4. Am I wasting my time? Is it a dead console? Uncharted and killzone were great..but that’s about it..maybe minecraft and MGS HD edition. So that’s a total of 4 games i’ve bought for it since it came out. It deeply saddens me. Also, I live in my own place.. at no point will I not have access to my 55 inch plasma. So I don’t really use remote play except for the odd novelty value. Thought i’d just throw this in anyway as ps plus reminded me of the sadness that is my vita that is currently sitting on my bed side table probably with no battery because its been on standby for a long time

    • I may be wrong but i think it was said some time last year that they would be winding down the Triple A titles on Vita.

      • That’s a shame. Couple of others have sprung to mind Assassins creed wasn’t bad. It had so much potential too, will still keep it for bed time gaming. Still play dead nation now and then.

      • Not sure if that was actually announced or whether it was just rumoured to be the case, but either way, AAA releases have definitely slowed to a crawl.

        It’s telling that I have noticed that & I don’t even own a Vita.

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