Namazu Studios Announces Puzzler Title Nebulous Coming To PS4

A physics based puzzler called Nebulous has just been confirmed for PS4 by Namazu Studio. The game is also confirmed for release on PC, and Oculus Rift support is something the studio is working on too. That could mean Project Morpheus gets a look in at a later date, but no support for that hardware has been confirmed yet. Those attending GDC Play will be able to get some hands on experience with the title.


Each stage in the game has the character, Commander Dash Johnson, suspended from a start point. Players have to set down items like platforms and gravity altering devices to help guide him toward the exit, while trying to avoid the traps that are scattered around each level. When items are all put into place players can start Dash’s drop and see what the end result is, tweaking what doesn’t work.

Source: Press Release/Youtube


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  1. Any relation to the PS3 game Crazy Machines: Elements? The gameplay and physics really remind me of that game

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