Alien: Isolation Leads The BAFTA Game Award Nominations

In a very BAFTA’ry move, the game with most award nominations in this year’s gongfest is one we are very unlikely to see again as SEGA are moving away from AAA consoles games.

Alien: Isolation leads the way with six nominations across Audio Achievement, Best Game, British Game, Game Design, Game Innovation and Music. Far Cry 4 and Monument Valley grab five nods whilst Destiny and our Game of the Year, Mario Kart 8, grab four each.


Check out some of nominees below, for the full list click here.

Artistic Achievement

ASSASSIN’S CREED UNITY Development Team – Ubisoft/Ubisoft
FAR CRY 4 Jean-Alexis Doyon, David Wilkinson, Scott Mitchell– Ubisoft/Ubisoft
HOHOKUM Development Team – Honeyslug/Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
LUMINO CITY Development Team – State of Play Games/State of Play Games
MONUMENT VALLEY Development Team – ustwo Games/ustwo Studio
VALIANT HEARTS Paul Tumelaire, Ghislain Avrillon, Laurent Labouille – Ubisoft/Ubisoft

Audio Achievement

ALIEN: ISOLATION Development Team – Creative Assembly/SEGA
THE BANNER SAGA Austin Wintory, Michael Theiler, Peret Von Sturmer – Stoic Studios/Versus Evil
CALL OF DUTY: ADVANCED WARFARE Development Team – Sledgehammer Games/Activision
DISNEY FANTASIA: MUSIC EVOLVED Development Team – Disney Interactive Studios and Harmonix Music Systems/Disney Interactive Studios
MARIO KART 8 Development Team – Nintendo/Nintendo
THE SAILOR’S DREAM Development Team – Simogo/Simogo

Best Game

ALIEN: ISOLATION Development Team – Creative Assembly/SEGA
DESTINY Development Team – Bungie/Activision
DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION Development Team – BioWare/Electronic Arts
MARIO KART 8 Development Team – Nintendo/Nintendo
MIDDLE-EARTH: SHADOW OF MORDOR Development Team – Monolith Productions/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
MONUMENT VALLEY Development Team – ustwo Games/ustwo Studio

British Game

80 DAYS Joseph Humfrey, Jon Ingold, Jaume Fabregat Vilella – Inkle/Inkle, Profile Books
ALIEN: ISOLATION Development Team – Creative Assembly/SEGA
FORZA HORIZON 2 Development Team – Playground Games/Microsoft Studios
GEOMETRY WARS 3: DIMENSIONS Development Team – Lucid Games/Sierra
LUMINO CITY Development Team – State of Play Games/State of Play Games
MONUMENT VALLEY Development Team – Ustwo Games/Ustwo Studio

Game Design

ALIEN: ISOLATION Development Team – Creative Assembly/SEGA
DESTINY Development Team – Bungie/Activision
FAR CRY 4 Patrik Methe, Cedric Decelle, Andrea Zanini – Ubisoft/Ubisoft
HEARTHSTONE: HEROES OF WARCRAFT Development Team – Blizzard Entertainment/Blizzard Entertainment
MIDDLE-EARTH: SHADOW OF MORDOR Development Team – Monolith Productions/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
THREES Asher Vollmer, Greg Wohlwend, Jimmy Hinson – Sirvo/Sirvo


80 DAYS Joseph Humfrey, Jon Ingold, Meg Jayanth – Inkle/Inkle, Profile Books
BROKEN AGE Tim Shafer – Double Fine Productions/Double Fine Productions
FAR CRY 4 Mark Thompson, Lucien Soulban, Li Kuo – Ubisoft/Ubisoft
THE LAST OF US: LEFT BEHIND Neil Druckmann – Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
NEVER ALONE (KISIMA INGITCHUNA) Development Team – Upper One Games/E-Line Media
THE WOLF AMONG US Development Team – Telltale Games/Telltale Games



  1. Very well deserved. Just had a quick look at the categories and Alien Isolation should win every award it is nominated for imo.

    GOTY 2014.

    • Agreed, its an incredible game

      • Apart from when a grown human cant jump over a knee high barrier.

      • Ahh the classic invisible barrier video game staple, didnt notice that too much in this but then i did crawl through the whole game browning my trousers so that may be why

      • I just assumed that the Alien broke into the engineering room and flipped the gravity switch to ‘max’ with it’s pokey tongue thingy thus rendering the ability to jump over knee high barriers next to impossible. They don’t call it the perfect organism for nothing you know :D

  2. Wow, a top 3 I actually agree with, even if I am too scared to go back onboard the Sevastopol!

  3. My personal wins would be:
    Artistic achievement: Far Cry 4
    Audio achievement: CoD:Advanced
    Best game: Abstain (I’ve only played dragon age on that list and It wouldn’t be in my top 3 of the year). Alien Isolation seems worthy but I’m not into horror so havn’t played it.
    British Game: Forza Horizon 2
    Game design: Far Cry 4, even if it is the GenericUbiOpenWorld design, there’s a reason why it is used – i’s quite good.
    Story:The Last of Us.

    • Artistic Achievement
      AC Unity – Bugs aside, the level of detail in the architecture is incredible. Most detailed ‘living’ city in AC to date.

      Audio Achievement
      Alien Isolation – If the beep of the motion tracker doesn’t scare you, the sound of the Alien slinking out of the ventilation system and slowly stomping towards your hiding spot sure will.

      Best Game
      Alien Isolation – Only played Alien Isolation and Destiny so Alien wins hands down. Genuinely scary, challenging, nostalgic. There hasn’t been a game like it in years.

      British Game
      Alien Isolation – Didn’t realise it was made over here?

      Game Design
      Alien Isolation – Auto save checkpoints, Overpowered Arsenal, Infinite ammo, Unlimited resources. Luckily the game had none of these features and was all the better for it. Beautifully realised sets that were faithful to the design of the original movie and most importantly – relentless, intelligent, Alien AI.

      The Last of Us – No competition. Greatest story ever told in a videogame.

      Haven’t played Far Cry 4 yet but it’s next on the pile. Loved FC3 and Blood Dragon.

      • Do you know what ‘state’ Unity is in now? I know its had a few patches but the dedicated site still has plenty of horror stories. I have enough cex credit but I’ve been holding off thus far…

        Currently playing FC4 and it’s one of the most polished games I’ve ever played, crazy to think that they are both made by the same developer.

      • Well, they’re not by the same developer, but same publisher.

        Last I played Unity it seemed alright. I didn’t run into anything serious apart from atrocious Uplay integration. And that was weeks ago, on the Xbox. Or, well… The online was God awful.

      • I started playing Unity about two weeks ago and I’m just finishing up on a few side quests for 100% sync. I haven’t really had any problems with it at all. The odd pop in here and there and a floating cat one time, but nothing major or game breaking. Who doesn’t enjoy a floating cat every now and again?

        One thing I wasn’t looking forward to at all was the online/co-op missions but they turned out to be the most fun part of it. It’s not just running around mindlessly killing other assassins like the old AC games (boring). You have actual missions to complete and most are no longer than 15-20 mins each. You can actually complete them solo if you’re character is upgraded enough. Though I wouldn’t recommend it. Competing/working together with other random assassins online was really fun. I definitely prefer this to the old style online mode. Also, I never had any problems finding other players either. Usually a couple seconds before launching.

        Overall I’d say this was a pretty solid AC game. It’s basically more of the same but if you’re a fan of the series, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.

        I just hope they dont have any god damn chests in the next one. 100% sync has killed me in this one.

      • @kennykazey
        They were both developed by Ubisoft Montreal. Crazy I know, but they did watch dogs aswell. They have an absolutely incredible amount of staff (1000+) and it’s the largest game development studio in the world I think.

      • Alright, I’ll admit I was wrong. Different teams and engines though, so I was partially correct. ;-)

  4. Following bejee13, my picks would be:

    – Artistic achievement: Transistor
    – Audio achivement: Mario Kart 8
    – Best Game: Dragon Age Inquisition (never mind the multiplayer bit)
    – British Game: Forza Horizon 2
    – Game Design: Sunset Overdrive
    – Story: The Wolf Among Us OR Danganronpa

    I really don’t quite get some of the nominations, is it one of those awards where you need to sign up to take part?

  5. Unity should win artistic achievement. Alien deserves to win something. Mario Kart GOTY.

    • If Picasso is handing out the awards then Unity has to win. He has to appreciate the amount of disjointed faces that were present upon release.

      But seriously, I don’t think that a game that launches with as many bugs as Unity deserves to win a damn thing if I am honest. Why should that kind of shoddy release be awarded in any way at all?

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