(Updated)Custom PS4 Wallpaper Functionality Reportedly Incoming

This may have been a given after Sony added the ability to download custom themes from the PlayStation Store, but it looks like the PS4 will soon support custom backgrounds. This was reported by Rebellion, the developer behind the Sniper Elite series, on their website after signing up to receive more information on the Zombie Army Trilogy that launches later this year. On the same page, there’s a small bit of wording below what they’ve dubbed PS4 and Xbox One wallpaper, which states that custom backgrounds are on the way in a future system software update.

PS4 wallpaper report


Again, this isn’t a big surprise but it’s certainly a welcome one. We can only hope that they go all the way with this feature, just as they did with the PS3, and allow not just custom backgrounds but custom icons and menu sounds as well, all of which can be downloaded right from the browser.

As for when we can expect this update, your guess is as good as ours, but considering it’s been over three months since the last major PS4 firmware update, I’d assume we’ll hear more about it sooner rather than later.


Rebellion has got in touch over this rumour, and have confirmed they do not know what future PS4 system updates hold. The full statement is below.

Sorry Playstation gamers, I’m afraid we’re just as in the dark as you are about the next PS4 update! This is what we get for being organised!

 When we were putting together our wishlist for ZombieArmy.com we thought custom console themes would be a cool giveaway.

 Lo-and-behold PS4 ‘custom themes’ came out but didn’t include the ability to add custom backgrounds (which we’d already been working on), so we probably do need to tweak the wording in the website to be a bit clearer.

 At least, if they do announce custom backgrounds we’ll be the first dev to have them ready. Your move Sony!

 Anyway, if you’d like some beautiful Xbox One, smartphone, desktop and (hopefully future-proof) PS4 backgrounds, AND some exclusive Zombie Army Trilogy MP3s, head to ZombieArmy.com and sign up to the newsletter!

Source: Rebellion via NeoGaf/PR



  1. Good stuff, all steps in the right direction. The next firmware really needs to be a big one with lots of changes for the better. And soon too. Folders and video chat functionality are the things I want added.

    • Not bothered about video chat, but such a simple thing as a way to arrange your games is almost past due now. Not that its bothered me much recently as I have only been playing a pool of around 3 games, but it is functionality that it desperately needs.

      Whilst we are at it, the ability to pop tracks onto the hard drive from CD’s would be good, as then dire sountracks such as those found on the crew would no longer be a concern.

  2. Sweet, now fix the broken savegame system where is each saves takes up at least 10MB, some takes up 70MB, even though they really only are a few MB’s and add more space to PS+. 1GIG is used up quickly, when some games take up half the space. Xbox One has unlimited storage for savegames….

    Also a fix for wrong icon, wrong trophy unlock, when games are downloaded close to each other, which is a bug that was introduced with v2.0.

    Sony needs to pick up the pace with their bug fixing and feature adding for the PS4, right now it feels like they are cutting corners and saving money on development, just because they got an early lead.

  3. A small pedantic thing of mine is when game icons don’t show in the ‘what’s new’ section or a friends profile. How is there not an icon for Assassins Creed Unity?!
    Also friends profile pictures aren’t showing sometimes and instead is replaced with the default grey bust.

    Definitely need some folder system, or at the minimum more options to sort the library of games rather than just install date or A-Z

    • Missing icons in the what’s new section occurs for me as well, and I’m equally annoyed by it.

  4. Hopefully simple photographs will be added if we’re getting custom backgrounds too. I used to like sticking old holiday albums on a slideshow and playing my music on the PS3

  5. The tone of the article is quite positive, despite the ominously vague wording of the ‘Note for PS4 user’. The words “should” and “upcoming” are so vague that they offer nothing but slight wistful hope for a feature from the last gen.
    Should – Nothing is promised, they should do it but there’s nothing in place to hold them to anything that is being said. My lazy 40 year old cousin ‘should’ get a job, but it’s never going to happen.
    Upcoming – One of my favourite wonderfully vague words. Similar to the oft-used ‘soon’ in that it offers no measurable or accountable timeline.

    Sorry for my negative slant on this article, but having been on the receiving end of a few ‘system stability’ and minimal feature updates my faith in Sony to deliver anything resembling a feature rich update is rock bottom.

    • Yeah, its ‘arse-covering’ speak. Offices see a lot of this.

      The way that they have worded it is basically so that if the feature never came, they could always turn around & say that was what they were told, or that was as they understood it & that nothing was promised by them.

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