Secret Ponchos DLC Includes Free Maps And New Characters

Next week will see the launch of some fresh DLC for PlayStation Plus game, Secret Ponchos. There will be two free maps for everyone and paid DLC in the shape of two new characters.

First the free DLC, the Plaza map is a “classic, battle-torn Spaghetti Western Mexican-style plaza” with a smaller play area for high-tension combat, whilst the the Mines provide a different experience with narrow tunnels, perfect for an ambush.


The first of the new characters, Gordo, is a vile and vicious bandit armed with a high-powered Gatling. By using a Molotov he can block areas of the map, and leave a trail of firey death behind him as he roams the landscape.


In contrast the Wolf is an agile character who can pounce on enemies and dispatch them with a bone knife. She deals devastating critical hits with a bow and arrow.

“We’ve been listening and working very closely with the community in our Secret Ponchos forums, and we’ve implemented many tuning/balancing improvements,” say Switchblade Monkeys. “We’ve also learned that we needed stronger support for new players, so we’ve started implementing improvements such as creating a basic in-game tutorial to get new players started and moving Practice mode (with the outlaw move-sheets) to be front and center.”

Source: EU PS Blog