Toukiden: Kiwami Videos Show Off New Demon-Hunting Features

Tecmo KOEI has released a trio of new videos, outlining some of the game features players can expect when Toukiden: Kiwami touches down in little over a month. Slated for March 27th in Europe, Kiwami is basically an upgraded version of the original demon-slaying action RPG which will also be available on PlayStation 4.

As the videos below show, this semi-sequel brings a new band of characters to the table, three of which can accompany you as allies in the field.


Each one of them sports one of Kiwami’s new weapon-types including the Naginata, Club, and Rifle.

Another extra bonus comes in form of two new battle styles (classes). Slayers using the Support battle style can offer buffs and other perks to their allies whereas the Plunder battle style makes it easier to hack off demon limbs which are used to craft rare gear.

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Source: Tecmo KOEI Official Facebook