Video: The Living, Breathing Districts of Cities: Skylines

Fans of the city builder have suffered for far too long, but Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order are looking to right those wrongs with Cities: Skylines. Having gone hands on at last week’s PDXCon in Stockholm and captured video of the game in action, Kris and I sat down to chat about city builders and what Skylines can bring to the table.

If you’re someone who’s more invested in the written word than the moving picture, then don’t worry, we’ve already catered to tastes. This video comes off the back of a look at the game from Gamescom last August, as well as a preview that we posted early last month, where we chatted with Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order.


With the game set for release on March 10th, we’ll doubtless have a review in the not too distant future as well.

This preview video came through attending PDXCon 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden, for which travel and accommodation provided by Paradox Interactive.



  1. I’ve never played a Cities game, but I’ve heard bad things about performance. Previous titles haven’t worked well on multicore processors for instance. Is there cause for concern if you’ve got a lower-end PC?

    • So, this is perhaps an unfortunate side effect of this being a game about building cities… it’s going to have cities in the title, and I feel you might be mixing up Skylines, which is an offshoot of the Cities in Motion series, with Cities XXL and its Cities XL predecessors.

      Looking at the specs, you’ll want a computer that has a bit of punch to it. If you can run SimCity well, then that should see you in good stead, I would imagine, but a city that’s approaching its maximum potential will probably start to stretch what you can do.

      • Now there’s an issue for their Marketing department. I thought it was all one series, and I’d like to think I’m fairly up to date on games.

        I can run the abomination that’s the latest Sim City pretty well with lighting turned down. And I can play Star Craft 2 on medium-high at 50-60FPS so I should be alright then, since it’s not what I thought it was? I’ve got a three year old i5 Thinkpad in stellar condition. (620m, 16GB ram, SSD and 900p screen)

      • Yeah, it’s not the clearest of naming conventions…

        I’m not 100% on your laptop. Unless there’s a discrete GPU, you’ll be running with the integrated nonsense from Intel, and those are always borderline. Definitely wait and see what others can get it to run on before buying. There’s always someone out there who’s too eager for their own good. ;)

      • I’ve got a discrete GPU, the 620m. But it’s not the most powerful thing. I’ll keep an eye on the game, but will hold off purchase until I’ve read some user reviews. Would love a good city builder.

      • Ah, I was misled by google! That GPU’s pretty low end, but might just scrape a rough kind of parity to the minimum spec GPUs that are in the system requirements?

        Laptop GPUs are a bit of a dark art…

      • Yeah, on paper the GPU is rubbish. But it’s surprised me on many occasions. Having a low end graphics card really lets you notice the difference in quality between PC ports.

        The game looks very interesting, so I’ll probably give it a go. I will report back with the results. Fingers crossed. :-)

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