News Snatch: Star Wars Battlefront, Elite Deadly And A Cool Mother

No time to chat today, I’ve been off ill for a couple of days and in that time an awful lot of bobbins has appeared on my desk at TSA Towers so let’s get to it and begin with something fabulous, a LEGO Gjallarhorn from Destiny.

Support for the still not released Deep Down from Capcom will last “15 years”, which sounds like an awful lot of DLC to me.

LittleBigPlanet 3 does the new Star Wars trailer.

Staying with Star Wars, the fan site Making Star Wars has suggested that the forthcoming Star Wars Battlefront game will serve as a prequel to the forthcoming movie, as well as “a small portion of prequel trilogy content” and that the “majority of the campaign will take place during the original trilogy era.”

Now whilst we should treat all this as a rumour, I can guarantee that this bit is true, “The Downloadable Content plan for the game is ‘extremely aggressive'”.

Rachel Sims, from Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, has bought the car which was built to promote Need for Speed on PlayStation 3, and takes her kids to school in it.

Someone, almost certainly Frontier Developments, have trademarked Elite: Deadly. What could it be? A console version of Dangerous (and I mean Elite: Dangerous, not the Michael Jackson album)? A mobile app? A ZX speccy version? Let the rampant speculation begin!

This week’s contribution was spotted by Editor Blair, I hope you are sitting down this is earth shattering, pant wetting news!

  • Mass Effect 4 is almost certainly going to have multiplayer.

Killing Floor: Uncovered is an origin story, set a few years before the events in the original Killing Floor game. In the movie, fans will learn a bit more about the evil Horzine Biotech corporation and some of its earlier genetic experimentation. Viewers will also meet the representatives of a small activist group that’s seeking evidence of corporate wrongdoings by infiltrating a secret Horzine lab.

And Finally, file under awesome: You will soon be able to buy a Masterchief motorcycle helmet.

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