Footage Of Cancelled Legacy Of Kain: Dead Sun Released

The Legacy Of Kain series is one many people would like to see revived, but attempts to do so have failed to materialise. One such attempt was Legacy Of Kain: Dead Sun which was in development at Climax Studios, but cancelled by Square Enix as the game was apparently not expected to meet the publisher’s sales expectations. The same publisher that wanted the Tomb Raider reboot to hit 5 million sales in its launch month, or Hitman: Absolution to reach similar numbers.

The link to the video is here, as embedding is disabled for it.


The footage that has been released is 32 minutes long and shows the world, which appears to be open, as well as how combat would have looked in the game. It appears the devs were quite heavily inspired by Rocksteady’s Arkham games when it came to fighting enemies. Dead Sun would have had a multiplayer component to it, which apparently was worked on and released as Nosgoth instead.

It is a shame that a new Legacy Of Kain was so far in development but then cancelled for potential financial reasons. I personally reckon it would have done quite well sales wise.

Source: Mama Robotnik thread on NeoGAF



  1. yeah, game like that never would have sold well.

    cough Shadow Of Mordor cough.

    sorry, something stuck in my throat there.

    i mean who wanted a story driven LoK game, we all wanted an arena shooter.
    i know i would have wanted that WAY WAY WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!11!!! more than this.

    if your sarcasm meter just exploded, i take no responsibility.

  2. I love the LoK games, especially Soul Reaver. This just doesn’t appeal though, the design is so far from the original world it almost seems like it should have been its own IP. A real shame to see it cancelled after so many years of work went into it however. The general premise looks good fun as well, Soul Reaver meets Prototype meets Shadow of Mordor.

  3. One of my favourite series, right back to the first Legacy of Kain on Ps1. Such a shame its been abandoned.

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