FutureGrind Announced For PS4

Milkbag Games has confirmed FutureGrind for release on PS4, with a release on PC/Mac also in the works according to the game’s official site. FutureGrind is a tricks based game where players have to grind across rails in a futuristic bike. However, each wheel is a different colour and can only land on a track that is identical to it. Landing on a track with the wrong colour wheel leads to something called a short circuit.


To progress through the game players need to gain high scores on each track by chaining tricks and earning score multipliers. Doing this gains the attention of sponsors and their endorsements, which in turn unlocks new events. There’s no news of a release date or price yet, though we should hear more in the next couple of months.

Source: PS Blog /FutureGrind Tumblr