Mid-Field Raceway Coming To Gran Turismo 6 In Update 1.16

Polyphony Digital has announced that it is bringing back the Mid-Field Raceway for Gran Turismo 6, which originally appeared in Gran Turismo 2 to 4. The track will be available for free in update 1.16, alongside the paint feature for the Chaparral 2X VGT & Mazda LM55 VGT cars.  It isn’t made too clear in the blog post when the update will go live though.

Mid-Field Raceway has been updated to include the features of Gran Turismo 6, like the weather and time changes. Some screens of the track have also been released by Polyphony Digital, which you can view in the gallery below.

Source: Gran Turismo Pit Stop



  1. Whilst it’s great that PD are still supporting this, I can help feel that it’s way too late?

  2. Fantastic news, absolutely loved mastering that track in previous iterations….I always felt it should have been included alongside Apricot Hill.
    A fellow TGMEM# meet member also informed us during last nights meet that B-spec-Bob will also be making a tardy return very soon!
    Phenomenal support from PD so long after the event.

    @hol Between gens it is the best available and very current so not really too late…possibly biased :P

  3. The support for this game is astonishing. Would be great if other games with a hardcore fan base still had support and/or new content.

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