Laughing Jackal Confirms Flame Over Vita Release Date As March 11th In Europe

Laughing Jackal has announced that fire-fighting roguelike, Flame Over, will be releasing on March 11th in Europe, while North America will receive it a day earlier on March 10th. The price has also been set as £7.99/$9.99/ €9.99.  The game itself is about Blaze Carruthers and his mission to stop fires spreading in Infernal Industries’ offices, while trying to save those that have been trapped by the smoke and flames.


I previewed the game a while back and it is a game that requires quite a bit of planning, where you must decide whether to go straight for the fuse box to stop electrical fires or to save the trapped person within the time limit.  The Let’s Play video above is from Laughing Jackal and goes into details of what player’s will face when battling the blaze.

Flame Over is also set to come to PC & PS4, but that will follow later.

Source: Laughing Jackal