Grand Theft Auto V PC Screens Look Incredible

Forgive us for the most obvious title of the year, but GTA V is going to look amazing on PC. While the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game did look truly fantastic in their own right, these new screenshots from the PC version blow them out of the water.

Obvious your mileage may vary, and these will be running on a high-end PC, but to get the most out of Rockstar’s beautiful title, you’ll be looking to the PC version and its release date of April 10th.


There’ll be a new trailer soon, tease Rockstar, and the PC version will come with a Rockstar Editor for making your own custom videos. Pop on over to the Rockstar Newswire to see the above images at a huge 3840×2160 resolution.



  1. Resolution/framerate/AA aside it looks as though the textures are definitely up a notch in terms of detail. Hopefully for PC players its’ a good port, although all the delays suggest it will be.

  2. Looks stunning, now imagine it at 60FPS… :-o

    I need to steal a powerful PC.

  3. will it have first person view?

    • One of the screens is in first person so I’d assume so. I guess if its in the console versions then the PC version would have it.

  4. It’ll be a real kick in the balls if its a rubbish port like GTA IV was, especially after waiting this long.
    I hope they take a less hostile stance on modding too. In GTA IV they actively patched the game to try and lock out modders. Bit of a fruitless effort but its still a pretty nasty thing to do.

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