What We Played #192: The Order: 1886, Dying Light, And The Deer God

Hello again. It’s time once more for a little segment of what we played. I’m sure you’re all happy to know that as writers for a video game website, we’ve been playing video games. Well… some of us have. Those of us has that have been ‘hitting the sticks’ are ready to bring you our thoughts and impressions of the games we’ve been playing. Buckle up.

Aran is up first and his time was completely consumed by The Deer God, a PC game that sees players taking control of a deer diety that’s capable of shooting fire. Sounds amazing to me. Aran’s review of The Deer God goes up on the site today, so be sure check it out.

Blair wasn’t much help when it came to offering up cool gaming stories, but he’s had a busy week that included the celebration of his birthday, so I guess we’ll let him off the hook. He did make time for some mobile gaming, however, with his continued commitment to one his favorites, Threes!


Then there’s Tuffcub, who spent some time with Destiny and Dying Light. He noted that the former is starting to become a bit of a drag while the wait for the next DLC continues, but he enjoyed his time with Dying Light, describing it as a good and scary game. Finally, Tuffcub played and completed The Order: 1886, which he had strong and positive thoughts on.

Whilst there is a little dip in the story and certain plot elements seem to have been included just for the sequel, I loved every single minute. It’s got more twists that Broadchurch and was only let down by the final boss fight. Highly recommended.

Stefan didn’t appreciate my insinuation regarding his gaming time last week that he’s a big fat liar, so I’ll avoid such accusations this week and just tell you what he told me. He dabbled just a bit in Europa Universalis IV, he played more of Lara Craft and the Temple of Osiris with friends, and he logged a couple of hours of Dying Light. He didn’t spend his normal allotment of time on Destiny, as the “conditions attached to latest Nightfall strike” left an unsavory taste in his mouth.

Dom also played games this week, but rather than me rearranging his words about them, his story is best left in its original form.

This week I’ve mostly been playing games. These games are mostly fun. They include Xenoblade Chronicles 3D on the New 3DS, Pneuma: Breath Of Life on X1 and Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late on the trusty old PS3. I’m sure I’ve played some other games but they definitely do not include Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. I’m not even sorry.

That just leaves the lone American editor, who went back to Alien: Isolation despite being stuck on a particular section that just about got the best of him. It turned out to be a great decision because not only did he get past it, he played a bunch more of it and really loved the suspense and atmosphere. He also spent some time with Limbo, which just dropped on to PS4 this week. He’s going to stop talking about himself in the third person now.

So there it is, for better or worse, what we’ve been up to. Now what about you? What have you been up to? What have you playing? I bet you’re willing to tell us, so head to the comments and prove me right.



  1. In & out really between the order & dying light, going try complete the order this weekend so I can trade it in..

    My first 2 plats of 2015 wolf among us & resistance: burning skies that only took 2 years to plat resistance ha! Hoping the order is my 45th

  2. I’ve started Ac Rogue this week,and I’m really enjoying it. I played a bit more of Dragon Inquisition,I’m having fun but I’m not really enjoying the combat so much.

    Also I’ve been on Destiny,I think it’s had pokemon effect on me,I need to get all the exotic weapons!
    Gotta catch em all!

  3. Played & completed The Order and loved it. God knows what that 3, 4, 5, or 6/10 nonsense is all about. Judging by those scores the reviewers probably can’t count past 6 ;)

    Joined the TSA crew on Wednesday for the GTA V meet which was a good laugh. There were murders, robberies, races & even World War 3: The 4 Wheeled Rape-a-thon broke out!

    Then last but not least DriveClub. Haven’t had much time to get on it this week so I’ve just done a few races from the new DLC. I did have a 4 second lead in our weekly office lap challenge but it’s been beaten.

    • NOTE: TSA does not condone Rape-a-thons, four wheeled or otherwise.

      • In that case, I meant ‘rap’. You’ve gotta love those GTA radio stations!

  4. Some Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, and platinumed (as I suspect most people have) The Orde 1886 – fucking loved it.

    I also 100%’ed The Last of Us on PS3, having completed Grounded+.

    On Vita I 100%’ed The Walking Dead season 2 (I think that was this week – it’s been a long week).

  5. Me and a friend have been playing a fair bit of Mario Party 4 and 6 on Wii U, they’re among the better games in the series.

    I played a number of rounds of Fibbage XL on Xbox with five players last weekend. It was great fun.

    The rest have been filled with The Order and Ocarina of Time 3D. Both good games in their own right.

    For some reason (I suspect the heavy post-processing) I have a hard time focusing when playing The Order, I’ve noticed I’m straining my eyes much more than normal. It’s far more annoying than the black borders and does detract some of my enjoyment from the game.

  6. Not a lot of gaming for me this week really.

    Haven’t had chance to really get into RE Revelations 2 yet outside of a few games of RAID. Have enjoyed what I’ve played of it so far though and am hoping to play through the first episode tonight with the Mrs.

    Fired up the Wii U for the first time in a while as well and started a playthrough of Wind Waker HD. Love the visuals.

    Have decided recently to go “all digital”, meaning I’ve been trading in my few disk games and picking up their digital counterparts. Last couple of physical games getting traded in this weekend. Has cost me a bit of cash obviously but I think it’ll be worth it in the long run as I’m terrible for trading in my games and then wanting to play them again a month or so later.

  7. Played 3/4 of The Order last weekend and will return to complete it this weekend, savouring every moment and enjoying it thoroughly so far.
    Aside from that a bit of Driveclub, Binding of Isaac, Resogun new dlc, SSD Ultra, King Oddball and Rogue Legacy.

  8. As seems to have been the case for the last few months, I’m still playing quite a bit of Binding of Isaac (hopefully the new patch which is apparently due for submission next week will actually make it through SCEE’s QA this time).
    Aside from that it’s been Hand of Fate, Peggle 2, a spot of The Crew with Forrest, berzerka and Pixel on Monday and, the hilarity that was, the GTA V meet on Wednesday (here’s hoping to more of the same in the future).

  9. Continued my time with Lara Croft and the Temple of Osama Bin Laden, with Tef and Youles.
    Was with Double-o-dave and countless others in GTA V. Top fun. Apologies for colourful language but that’s what you get for letting the Welsh in! :-)
    Still enjoying Dying Light (PC) when I have time.
    Also playing Don’t Starve Together (PC) which is the co-op version of the lovely Don’t Starve. Hannypoppie (my significant other) and I have popped a video online. Part 2 coming this weekend hopefully. Strangely enjoyable editing the buggers too even though it takes two hours for a 20 minute episode.

    Tonight I’m giving Dungeons & Dragons a go. I poo you not! Old school. None of this video game nonsense. :-)

    • So that’s where he was hiding ;)

  10. Finished Lara Croft Osiris. It was alright. Not as good as the first one imo. Now off on holiday for a fortnight, so no gaming for the forseeable.

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