Interplay Announces ClayFighter Remaster

Interplay as announced it is remastering ClayFighter with the help of Drip Drop Games, and it is currently confirmed as a PC only title for release in 2016. Many of you may never have heard of ClayFighter, so here’s a quick history lesson. The original ClayFighter released on the SNES in 1993, and it was a 2D fighting game which had claymation style visuals. It received two sequels with the final one, ClayFighter 63⅓, releasing on the N64.

Since then not much has been done with the IP, but the current era is all about remasters. Interplay must want to reignite a fanbase for the game and maybe once again try and go toe to toe with other fighting games. There will be 20 characters including Bad Mr. Frosty 7 & Earthworm Jim, with each of them having a Claytality. There will also be 20 arenas to fight in, and ClayFighter will get new gameplay additions like double jumps, air dashes, and counters.

Source: Interplay



  1. Ahh Clayfighters. This takes me back to a good game of TSA Photoshop tennis a few years ago!

  2. It makes me feel old that I remember this from the SNES!

  3. 63 1/3 was one of those games that was so bad it was enjoyable! Odd choice of franchise to try and reinvigorate if you ask me.

    If Interplay are going to remaster a game, make it Redneck Rampage! I loved that game. Anyone else remember it??

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