Metal Gear Solid 5 Release Date Set For September

It appears as though Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be released on the 1st of September, 2015.

Konami had scheduled some kind of announcement about Metal Gear Solid 5 for 2pm tomorrow, but thanks to eagle-eyed readers over at Neogaf,  the information looks to be out in the wild early.


Games website IGN placed two interview videos with series producer Hideo Kojima on their server prior to being published – which have been subsequently removed – and they revealed the release date.


Source: Neogaf



  1. Can’t wait. It’s a shame the announcement was ruined but maybe that’ll serve them right for doing announcements of announcements.

  2. Argh! Cannot wait for this game!

  3. This is fantastic news although the hype could damage The Phantom Pain due to Kojima being a massive troll with the release date until now. Hopefully, it’ll be a fantastic entry into the franchise. I do wonder why IGN decided to leak the release date before the offical announcement as they may have just been blacklisted by Konami and the irony is, they won’t be getting the clicks but everyone else will.

    Kojima insists this is his last MGS or MG game and to be honest, i think he really does mean it. His team worked with some new guys for MGS and i think he said that he intends for the new team to take over MGS after MGS5. I can’t see him going back on his word as i would imagine he is starting to get a bit bored of being a one franchise man.

    But i do wonder what the MGR:R teaser was? I flat out refuse to belive it was a 2 year celebration of the game as no-one does that.

    • Who cares what IGN think. It could be a masterpiece and they’ll give it 5/10 because they dont like the word Metal.

  4. *ejaculates*

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