Elite: Dangerous Making Its Console Debut On Xbox One This Summer

Phil Spencer has just announced during a talk at GDC that Elite: Dangerous will be making its console debut on Xbox One later this year.

Released on PC late last year, the game is a rather successful reimagining of the space flight simulation series. It was our Game of the Year in the strategy and simulation category.

It looks like the game could be an exclusive – or at least have some timed exclusivity – on Xbox platforms, and it makes sense since Microsoft are attempting to connect their Windows and Xbox platforms together more than ever, with cross platform play (though that’s not been confirmed for this game) and an Xbox app on PC.

Whatever the case, getting a superb PC game on consoles is great, and hopefully we’ll see more of these make their way to systems in the near future.



  1. Noooooo, bollocks shit and blast! My most anticipated game ever is coming to Xbone first, I only hope that the timed exclusive is measured in just a few months and not a year or more. David Braben you have a lot to answer for!

  2. Good stuff – it’s something I’ve wanted to try out but don’t have a gaming PC.

  3. Odd when Sony were courting Braben from the start. Hmmm.

    • What I was thinking too TC, what’s the betting that the MS mafia made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

  4. At least it appears to be just a case of coming to the XBone first and they’ll talk about other consoles later. MS don’t seem to have paid for it to be an exclusive for a change.

    And the announcement seems to have upset some of the games PC fans too. I always thought XBox/PS arguments were nothing compared to the crap spewed out by certain PC fans. Not all of them, just the ones who are massive cockwombles.

  5. Nice, very interested in this game.

  6. I’m glad Elite is getting the opportunity to reach as wide an audience as it can, but I hope the console conversion doesn’t take away too much development time from the PC version, which still feels like a work-in-progress.

  7. Bollocks! Think I’ll go play the ST conversion of elite 2 on my Jaguar. Oh hold on the put a C&D on that

  8. Pretty big coup for the X1, is it not?

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