More Details Announced Regarding Bloodborne’s PvP & Co-Op Modes

PS4 exclusive Bloodborne is out later this month, and in the run up to release more information has been revealed regarding the PvP and co-operative gameplay options on offer. From Software is channelling the spirit of the Souls’ games within Bloodborne, including being able to invade other player’s games or leaving warnings for those that come behind you.

The co-op aspect of the game can be started using a ‘Lulling Bell’ which can call in two other players to join a game. When these players arrive the three will have to clear out an area, including the boss. If any member of the party dies then the session ends, and everyone is sent back to their own campaigns. If successful then again players are sent back, but this time receive a reward.


Watchwords, aka passwords, have also been introduced and is a way to join private games. One person can set up a lobby with the watchword and then give it to others so they can join the co-op game. Co-op won’t be the only time players encounter each other, as details for invasions were also released.

Invasions allow up to two players to enter another person’s game, with the aim to kill them. Should the invaders be successful in that task they are sent back to their own campaign, where a reward will await them. However invaders are sent back unrewarded should the host kill them, or manage to enter a boss area without being killed.

Chalice Dungeons will have ghosts of other players that are in the same area, so you can observe what they are doing. These interactions will likely be brief and only show a slither of the actions another player is carrying out. The randomly generated dungeons will be shareable too, so others can face a challenge you had.

PS Plus will be required to access co-op and invasions, asynchronous online, and sharing the generated dungeons. Apparently it will not be required to download the shared dungeons though.

Source: Bloodborne Japanese Site via DualShockers