What We Played #193: Zombie Army Trilogy, Dying Light, Resident Evil Revelations 2

Brains. That’s what we had on our collective minds this week when we went about playing our video games of choice, and you can bet that many of those brains were either eaten or destroyed in our endeavors. So if this edition of what we played seems a little ‘moany’, well then grab a shotgun, your running shoes, or an exo-suit and join in on the fun as we talk about what we’ve been up to for the past seven days.

Aran starts us off this week and was the only one of us that didn’t play something zombie related at one point or another. Wait… are there zombies in Hotline Miami 2? I’m not sure, but that’s what he’s been playing. It’s out next week on PS4 and you can expect to see his review in the near future, but he’s been saying that it can be both frustrating and fun at the same time, and that “working out a correct tactic is very rewarding once executed properly.”

Next up is Dom, who double dipped in the zombie pool this week with Zombie Army Trilogy, and the second episode of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 for review. The downside to playing all these zombie games? A difficult time sleeping after watching those monsters feast on anything and everything (but really only humans). As for what else Dom played this week…


I’ve also been playing Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars, though there’s at least one point where a creature takes over a clockwork Mario, turns him dark with glowing red eyes, and he moves brainlessly about the level hunting the other clockwork Mario. There’s zombies in everything these days.

Blair checked in next and made quite a bit of time for gaming this week, starting with GTA V. He didn’t do the normal GTA things like stealing cars or money (he saves those tasks for real life), but rather just took a tour around San Andreas and enjoyed the beauty of the world that is GTA V. Next he played OlliOlli 2 for review, which he thoroughly enjoyed and his score most definitely reflects that. Finally, in sticking with our zombie theme, he played the new Havoc DLC for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Although he noted that exo-zombies is a good time, it wasn’t really up his cup of tea so he stuck with the new multiplayer maps included in the pack, all of which he thought very highly of.

Stefan also had multiple run-ins with zombies this week, as he played both Zombie Army Trilogy (his review is here), and a bit of Dying Light with friends. As if that wasn’t enough co-op action for the week, he also dabbled in a bit of Helldivers, which bagged a solid score of 8 out of 10 in our review. Yeah, he’s pretty much a review machine these days. To top it off, he olli’d around in OlliOlli 2, which he described as “wonderful.”

As for me, I haven’t actually had my zombie fix just yet this week but I intend to start playing through Dying Light as soon I finish this. I tried one last go with Alien: Isolation before I put it down. It’s weird, I really enjoyed my time with that game, but I’m not really interested in finishing it. I put about 12 hours into it but I know I’m nowhere near the end, and I feel like if I keep playing, my opinion of it will drop considerably. So with that in mind, I put it on the shelf and moved on to The Order: 1886, which didn’t take long to complete, but was a joy to experience even if it wasn’t a powerhouse of a game overall. Finally, I also played OlliOlli 2, which I’ve really had a good time with so far.

Head to the comments and let us know how big of a role zombies have played in your gaming ventures this week. If no zombies have been present, we’ll also accept whatever else you’ve been playing. Now get to it, before they catch your scent.



  1. Extinction yet again. 1 tooth away from the Master Scavenger upgrade, and slowly picking off the trophies for 100% completion. I’ve had some great games with fellow TSA’er Blast71 as well, completing Mayday but hitting some difficult challenges on Awakening.

    Tried OlliOlli 2 but I found the controls completely ludicrous and so one reason to play on the Vita quickly vanished. I really haven’t the foggiest what to do with the handheld console, as selling it would only get a relatively small amount, yet it’s sitting around doing very little. Might try and fill it with old AAA games one day, and then keep it for the nostalgia.

    • Is Awakening the odd one with the purple mushroom? Not sure how familiar you are – so don’t want to seem like I’m telling you how to suck eggs – but before finding an Arc, the best way to kill the Mammoths (and their subsequently spawned Hunters) is to use the water/electricity trap right at the beginning of the first area. They go down with ease!

      • Not too bothered by the Mammoths. In most cases I’ve managed to kill them at the beginning, and if not, we’ve just restarted.

        The difficulty is literally with the challenges themselves, as some odd ones pop up now and then that upset the rhythm of the game. It’s a not a big deal because there’s plenty of skills points to be had on that particular map, but on the one game there was one challenge left for completionist, and in trying to do it the mission failed (excruciating).

      • Yeah, I feel your pain. I remember before the Teeth upgrades were introduced and Point of Contact seemed difficult, I’d be on the last hive and get “20 Sniper Rifle kills” or “50% Accuracy” challenges. Not usually a problem, but on the last hive when it was the last one I needed for Completionist – WTF! :(

        Did you manage to get all the Eggstra trophies?

      • Haven’t done the Eggstra trophies yet. Waiting until tomorrow/Sunday and then I can hopefully do them all in one go.

    • Thanks for letting me hang-onto your coat-tails in extinction! That one game you revived me about 14 times and then when you needed me to revive you I went and got killed DOH!
      Loving it, even tho it’s a struggle to get the teeth. Finally got enough for a locker key, gotta start saving up again now.

  2. Started The Wolf Among Us on Vita and completed the first chapter. Still really enjoying it despite having already finished it on PS3. It’s a fantastic universe.

    On PS3 I had a brief spell of Nazi Zombies with Crazy_Del and Cam_ManUtd.

    On PS4 I completed Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris with Teflon and Bunimomike.

    Also played through (what appears to be) half of Never Alone with my son, who is surprisingly good at some of the awkward jumping. Unless the latter levers become longer though, it’s an incredibly short game – but charming all the same.

    Mostly I have played Dying Light though – having collected my toys and put them back into the pram – since the patch earlier in the week meant I could now play Co-op, something I’d not been able to do previously. I managed to play with TheBerzerka, Teflon, Spurs78 (and his +1), and Tuffcubb – who doesn’t play nice and downed me several times, the second time was “apparently” accidental. However shooting the explosive barrel I was carrying was most certainly not an accident! Everytime I play it I’m impressed with the parkour, it’s really great.

    • I’m up for a couple of sessions of Dying light if you guys are looking for Co-op partners. I’ve only just started it really, still not quite sure how I feel about it. I know Jones is up for some games too, I just want to progress a bit in the story to get the hang of it.

      Also, anyone else have the problem that the flashlight and medikit seem the wrong way round? The amount of times I’ve gone to put the flashlight on and used a completely pointless medikit is really starting to frustrate me.

  3. Just dying light really nothing much to play. Some pro clubs & a bit of sleeping dogs but can’t get motivated to play it

  4. Story driven gaming for me.

    Nearly done my first run through of Valiant Hearts and about 4 hours into TLOU. Both totally absorbing in their own way.

  5. Completed Uncharted 3 on normal and then redid on crushing which wasn’t that difficult at all! Even managed to find people still playing the online for that trophy, but might struggle for the co-op trophy unless there is anyone who fancies helping me out?

    Otherwise just some DriveClub. Finally managed to get a third star in a tour drift event, then went on to get another two! For some reason I had no problem getting two stars but those third stars were always just out of reach…

  6. No zombies for me. Had a busy couple of weeks so its all been in little sessions.

    Tried Valiant Hearts and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not my normal kind of game, but as well as enjoying playing through it, I’m also enjoying reading every historical article accompanying the missions and objects too. Top marks for the art style and music.
    How long is the game? I’ve been playing for quite a few hours now, thought I was nearing the end only to find out I’m now on Chapter 3.

    Tried Olli Olli 2 – deleted Olli Olli 2. Just seems to me like the kind of game I’d play on my phone if I was super bored, stuck in the middle of nowhere and ran out of stuff to read on the internet shortly before checking my emails.

    Abe’s OddWorld (whatever it’s called) was next. I can see the appeal and it looked pretty but I’d had enough after about 15 minutes. It’s the kind of game where I could quite happily watch someone else play but can’t be bothered to myself.

    Haven’t tried Counter Spy yet but I love the look and style of it.

    Last but not least, I managed to get a couple of races in on the new Drive Club DLC Events.

    • I recall reading the Valiant Hearts collectables – think one mentioned urine soaked rags they wore as masks to avoid certain gas or infection. Eww.

      Counterspy is ace!

      • Yep, I read that last night.

        Could you imagine…

        “Here ya go, made you one too.”
        “Thats alright, I’ll make my own. You may need a spare”
        “No, use mine – I insist!”

      • Man, we don’t know how lucky we are – what those guys endured is incredible! :/

  7. This week I played an hour of Pvz Garden Warfare,played Destiny for a few hours,in which I’m still to get anything decent from a nightfall strike!
    Also I’ve started Olli Olli 2 but it makes my eyes feel funny,it’s like I’m playing guitar hero all over again!

    • It used to be like doing a small handful of mushrooms. I remember playing a longish song on expert on Guitar Hero then looking at the carpet afterwards which used to have a wave motion like the ocean… Superb ;)

  8. Alien: Isolation, what else?
    Playing the fantastic DLCs, reaching quite acceptable positions in some of them (well, at least for me).
    Still find this game incredibly intense and thrilling.

    • A mate at work has been playing this recently and it’s been great hearing him gush about how brilliant it is. He said the last time a game had such an effect on him was Silent Hill 2. I totally get what he means. Instant classic.

      • Fully agree. I started playing this early January, and now it’s March, I’ve played through it twice, some levels again, got the platinum, and I’ve spent many hours on the DLC, but I’m still really addicted to it and cannot stop.
        I’m surprised not many people from around here still play it or made it past level 5 or so.
        For me, it is the best gaming experience I’ve ever had, and I’m not even exaggerating.

  9. Dying Light and Destiny here. Almost done with the Dying Light story, still trying to get those last few exotics on Destiny. One day…

  10. After completing and enjoying The Order, i started playing Far Cry 4 , it’s a good looking game and has it’s moments but i’m just not as engaged with it as i was with The Order. The store discount for TLoU couldn’t have been at a better time for me so i’m happily ensconced in that now.

    Apart from that some Driveclub , Hustle Kings and i sampled the plus content. Olli Olli 2 , Nice & Tasty and the Sherlock Holmes (PS3) game were each sampled and deleted within a fraction of the time it took to download them but CounterPoint looks more my kind of game.

    Oh and Binding of Isaac – got reall y close to beating it last night – really close.. :/

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