Podcast: Episode 172 – House of Cards, Resogun and Hotline Miami

Well this is a bit awkward. I wasn’t actually on this week’s podcast, but once again I’m left to write up the post and summarise what actually happened. Fortunately I did edit it all together, so I’ve got at least some idea of what happened.

It was Aran who very kindly agreed to join the podcast as a guest this week, and he’s been playing a lot of Hotline Miami to get ready for the launch of Hotline Miami 2. He’s also been watching season three of House of Cards, although he was very careful to avoid any spoilers for it.

As for Kev, you may remember that he’s taken up a challenge where he develops a small game every month. Last month he worked on a map based game, and March sees him move onto a new game based around the theme of “Transformation”. This has led him to design a game based around caterpillars, which is a much more interesting idea than anything I would have thought up.

Kev has also been playing Duet, a game Lewis seems to have forgotten quite a lot about. It’s on iOS and has plenty of content, so give it a go if it sounds interesting to you.

Finally, not only does Lewis take up hosting this week, but he also took the time to talk about the new content in Resogun, one of his favourite games. He’s also watched the film In Order of Disappearance, and relates his thoughts on the Norwegian black-comedy.

As well as all of that, the guys also cover the week’s news and Lewis has another reversed game name quiz to take part in.

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1 Comment

  1. Funny thing, I remember the PSN big down time date as well by the Brink release xD At least for that the game will be remembered. Project Morpheus looks very nice, but I’m still not enough convinced that VR is needed for gaming. I’m afraid this will move players away from each other in local matters.

    I just hope the next Guitar Hero will be more focused on guitars and has songs that fit to a guitar. I’m recently playing Guitar Hero 4 or 5 (the one after World Tour) and the soundtrack has nice song, but some all just completely messed up in terms of guitars. Sometimes the guitar is not even heard in a song, but you still have to play it. Dreadful.

    MGS V is another pre-order to do. The game will be flawless. I can sense it. Good thing nothing major is coming out ion September :D this reminds me that I need to pick up Ground Zeroes over the summer and finish is before September (ha ha ha, a little joke ^^)

    Lewis if you haven’t played Hotline Miami yet, you must play it. You must. I order you to do it. It’s massively engaging. You cannot stop playing it. It has a fantastic retro feeling around it. It’s challenging and on top of all has the best soundtrack I’ve heard in a long time.

    Hmm, no questions? I think I sent mine in proper time. Oh well ^^ Thanks guys. You managed well without the big man leading.

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