Arena Combat Title DiscStorm Heading For Vita

XMPT Games has announced DiscStorm for Vita and PC, with a release expected later this year. The title itself is an arena combat game where players have discs to throw at each other, and various enemy types. DiscStorm has both a single player campaign, as well as multiplayer that supports up to four players both locally and online. The Vita edition will also allow two people to play together on the same console, though not quite sure how that will work.


DiscStorm is said to require quick thinking as the discs fly around the arena at high speed, and you’ll need to dodge them to win. In multiplayer the modes include survival, and Death Disc where one hit kills. The single player campaign will allow players to unlock new costumes for the characters.

Once we know of a finalised release date we’ll let you know.

Source: PS Blog