Hotline Miami 2 Post Credits Tease Hints At Third Entry In The Series

It appears that Hotline Miami 3 may be happening if an after credits tease is anything to go by. Of course, if you’re wanting to avoid spoilers entirely, then don’t watch any further.

A fake menu for the unannounced sequel appears after you beat the game and comes complete with prompts to start a new game, although none of the menu selections actually work. In order to see the tease, you need to wait for the credits to play through twice before the game fades to black. After around 90 seconds, a VHS tracking effect will reveal the hidden menu for a short while before returning to the Hotline Miami 2 start screen.

Dennaton has made no secret of the fact that they “have no desire to make Hotline Miami 3” which makes this tease very interesting. A spokesperson for Devolver said that the tease was “open to interpretation” adding that players would soon be able to continue the story by creating their own levels in the forthcoming level editor. Whether Hotline Miami 3 is in reference to the level editor remains to be seen.

Hotline Miami 2 is released on PC today while the PS4, PS3 and Vita versions will be available on the PlayStation Store tomorrow. You can read our review here.

Source: VideoGamer