Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Is Bouncing Over To Europe

Boobs! Who doesn’t love boobs? The Japanese do and beat ’em up Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is coming to our shores courtesy of Marvelous Europe.

For the uninitiated the game features scantily clad female ninjas with the most unrealistic and incredibly bouncy chesticles you have ever seen. Check out the video below and you will notice that even the boss battle dragon has massive mammaries.

If you were in any doubt about the purpose of the game then designer Kenichiro Takaki was asked about the first title in the series and said, “I started to think about what I wanted to see in a game on the Nintendo 3DS and within 30 seconds, I came up with it. It was boobs.”

You will be pleased to know that Senran Kagura 2 improves upon it’s predecessor with enhanced breast physics and clothing destruction, all of which are in glorious 3D. However, just in case you were thinking it’s all about dancing dumplings and wobbling wopbopaloobops – you sexist freak, you –  the game does include a single playable male characters. Presumably he doesn’t have his knockers on display.

But wait, there is more! Marvelous, obviously aware of the specialised nature of the game, have created a Happy Boobs edition which includes a physical copy of the game, two disc official soundtrack, stickers, a poster and a box. That will set you back £50, or for £75 you can get your hands on the Shinobi Collector’s edition which includes everything in the Happy Boobs edition plus mouse mat with 3D breasts.


Source: Eurogamer


  1. Even by Anime standards, this is dangerously close to soft core interactive porn. Even Dead or Alive would go “Woah! Hang on just as second luv, put your tits away and do something else then shove your tits in my face.” And for some reason, DOA has a cockney accent.

    Now, i’m not saying Anime is crap, in fact, i am interested in the genre but usually, fan service episodes do try to hide the fact it’s fan service. This, however, does not. It just goes “WE HAVE BOOBIES!” And some characters look like they are under 18!

    Also, it’s 2015. Surely we are beyond games like this? Now if you excuse me, i’m off to watch some porn on the net. *Gets blocked by his IP’s censor* Shit.

  2. The single playable male character actually does get his clothes broken and damaged in the same manner as the girls.

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