SteamWorld Heist Delayed Until Later This Year

Image & Form Games has confirmed that it will not meet the initial Spring 2015 release period for SteamWorld Heist, with the studio now stating players will have to expect the game later on in the year. It’s mainly due to the fact that the development team hasn’t finished work on it, and will use the extra months to complete what is needed before releasing.

When we announced the game back in September we thought we’d be done by February, then we thought we’d be done by the end of March and now… spring 2015 is almost over. So what that means is that SteamWorld Heist is going to be delayed with a few months. But all the extra time we take will be visible in the final release.

So our new release window is “2015”. And it won’t be before fall this year.

With the last sentence it appears fans will have to wait until nearer Holiday 2015, if another delay doesn’t push SteamWorld Heist into 2016. To soften the news a bit the studio has released some screenshots that have been taken from a demo of the game, which you can look at in the gallery below.

Source: Image & Form