Game Freak & SEGA Unite For Tembo The Badass Elephant, Releasing On PC, PS4 & Xbox One

SEGA & Game Freak, developers of the Pokémon games, have teamed up for a new IP in the shape of Tembo The Badass Elephant. It is a 2D action platformer that casts players as an elephant, who is also a commando sent on a mission to defeat the evil Phantom group. Tembo is joined on this operation by Picolo, a bird which offers some air support.


There will be 17 levels in total for Tembo across various settings. You know what? I actually like the look of this game, and think it might offer some light hearted, simple fun. Tembo The Badass Elephant will be releasing this summer on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: SEGA



  1. Sega publishing a title by Game Freak, on Xbox, Playstation and PC. I never would have thought to see that happen.

  2. OK, I wasn’t expecting that at all, looks pretty awesome.

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