Play Dragon Age: Inquisition Free For 6 Hours This Week On Xbox One

The epic open world RPG from Bioware is now free to try on Xbox One for one week only.

The trial will let Xbox Live Gold subscribers play the full game for six hours, an offer was previously only available to members of EA Access. You can get the trial version by going to your Xbox One dashboard, heading onto the game’s page and selecting the ‘try for free’ option.

If you love the game and want more, you can get the full game for £32.99 after a price reduction of 40%.

“If you haven’t played a Dragon Age game before, now is the time,” said Sam in our 9/10 review. “While Inquisition isn’t completely welcoming to newcomers, there are plenty of resources both in and out of the game to catch you up on what you’ve missed. If you’ve already played the first two games and haven’t picked this up yet, what are you waiting for?”

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  1. Nice offer, kind of like the full game trials that were on Ps plus early on.

    • This is better if it turns out to be more than a one-off. Weren’t the plus trials only 1 or 2 hours long?

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how much this boosts sales.

  3. Depending on the size of the download relative to your download speed, I’d encourage anybody to try it out.

  4. Great idea, although 6 hour with Dragon Age is like having 3 minutes with Call of Duty….

  5. Are the people who have access to the EA program getting to play Battlefield Hardline when it comes out?
    If so it’s worth it is think.

    • Yeah they are. I think it’s 10 hours playtime but the campaign is limited to the first level or so.

  6. Not bad as a taster,i absolutely loved the beta and it got me back into playing online again.I’m looking forward to buying it,it’ll tide me over until The Witcher comes out.

  7. I’m taking advantage if this!

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