PlayStation Mobile To Close On PS Vita This July

Sony’s mini app store, PlayStation Mobile, is to close this July and has already ceased support on Android devices.

There will be no new content after July 15th and from September 10th PlayStation Mobile will close completely, which means you will not be able to re-download any games you have purchased in the past.


Despite proving popular with developers – there were ten games released on PSM last week – it seems Vita owners have not embraced the platform, possibly due to the pricing of games which are regularly higher than those on iOS.

It’s another loss for the PS Vita but as very few used it, perhaps not a great one.  I suspect the service is the victim of the re-invention of Sony in to a leaner, more profitable company, will you miss PlayStation Mobile?

Source: Sony Japan / The Verge



  1. Wasn’t there talk of adding trophies to mobile games to make them more appealing?

  2. It’s a real shame, as there were several PSM games I really enjoyed; Gun Commando, Rymdkapsel, Switch Galaxy (though I didn’t see the point of the remake of that title), Aqua Kitty, Life of Pixel and Passing Time.
    Sure, most were pretty poor, but there were some real gems, and I’m sure we’ll miss out on some good titles because of this…

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