Ubisoft Confirms Free To Play AirMech Arena Is Landing On PS4 & Xbox One


Ubisoft & Carbon Games have confirmed that free to play strategy and action title, Airmech Arena, will be landing on PS4 & Xbox One later this Spring. The game is already out on PC and Xbox 360, launching in July last year. The game will feature solo quests, but the main crux of it is the multiplayer.


Up to four players can team up to defend their bases from opposing forces, by both engaging in fights and deploying other units to help with repelling invasions. At the same time the goal is to take over the enemy fortress too. Players will be able to unlock nine different AirMechs, each with their own unique abilities, to help in battles. As goals are met players will earn kudos points, which can be used to purchase content.  A spectator mode has also been confirmed so you can view other player’s matches.

Source: PR


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  1. There are certain words that don’t go together; chalk, cheese, sweet, spicey… Ubisoft, free. No doubt there will be a crap ton of microtransactions in this making it ultimately a horror to those who genuinely want an F2P experience. Can’t wait for the 7gb patch for it.

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