5 Star Wrestling Slamming On To PS3 Next Week

Serious Parody has confirmed that 5 Star Wrestling will be releasing next week for PS3, as a digital download title. The game is set to priced at  €24.99/$24.99, with a UK cost still set to be confirmed. Obviously the game is supposed to be a parody of professional wrestling, and while the studio states that the wrestlers in this game are fictional it is easy to spot the influences.


Jonny ‘The Bull’ Miavia is a version of The Rock, aka The Brahma Bull, while ‘Raging’ Andy Organ is quite clearly Randy Orton. Then you have Uncle Curtis Angel, a parody version of Kurt Angle, and Gregg Hearty, who is Jeff Hardy in all but name. The animations don’t look the greatest but 5 Star Wrestling could prove entertaining. The game is said to have a 40 hour campaign, with 128 challenges and more than 400 objectives to complete.

Source: Press Release


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  1. Normally, graphics are not something i would consider when deciding if i think if a game will be good or not but this?

    It looks like it’s in Alpha! I mean, it looks like crap and looks like it belongs on the PS2. It gives me the impression that this is unfinished work and it will be a pile of roody poo for the people to buy then realise that they’ve blown £25(give or take a few quid) on a broken game.

    But the concept is interesting and i could see it being a fun game. Although there is something missing from this that should be included. I mean, it’s only part of what keeps most sporting brands alive. A crowd. Unless it’s part of the parody.

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