Goat Simulator And Inside My Radio Coming To Xbox

Following the news of Elite: Dangerous coming to Xbox One as a timed exclusive it looks like Microsoft have been busy at GDC and also picked up console début for Goat Simulator, which is coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 next month.

There is no mention of a PlayStation version, so perhaps Sony can counter and splash a few pounds on Bear Simulator, I know which one I would prefer to play.

Also coming to Xbox One is Inside My Radio which was announced for PC and consoles nine months ago but at the time the developers did not specify which consoles.

The game finds you playing as a green LED trapped inside a “dying boom-box” and you must jump, dash, and slam through a musical landscape.

Source: Press release


  1. I told my little one that Goat simulator was coming to Xbox one in April earlier. I couldn’t stop her dancing around the room. Goat mmo sounds interesting too.

    • isnt goat mmo just an update for goat simulator?

      • Yes it is. I never heard of it until YouTube clip was put on here, the MMO part anyway. I’ve only ever played the simulator on android. I’ve got to say Goat simulator will be a day one purchase for me on Xbox one.

  2. Goat Simulator was such a disappointment for me. At least the mobile version is rubbish.

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