Pac-Man Munches On A Fire Truck In The Pixels Trailer

Pixels are coming to the movie screens this summer, although if we’re being picky they are are actually voxels. The premise of the movie is that classic video game characters are invading the planet and pixelising everything, it sounds like a great plot but, well, Adam Sandler is the lead.


Co-starring in the movie is Perter Dinklage’s mullet and another comedy vacuum in the shape of Kevin James, let’s face it, the cast would make most discerning movie goers run a mile. However, it does look a lot of fun, there is a certain Ghostbuster-ish vibe to it and the Minis named after the ghosts from Pac-Man are great.

Chris Columbus (Harry Potter, Gremlins) is producing which is another good sign but will it be enough to counter that horrendous mullet? Peter Dinklage, what were you thinking?!?

Source: YouTube



  1. How is Adam Sandler still making movies?

    This movie looks like it might have a smattering of ‘OK’ about it, but the trailer stinks. Could it be so bad that it’s actually good?

  2. I liked the original short movie as it was, shame they had to take it in this direction.

  3. Ugh.

  4. I cannot explain it…but I love it :)

  5. This does not look Totes Amazeballs……

  6. I love the bit at the end between Pacman and his creator, if there are more funny bits like that, then it will be great. But you can never tell if they’ve just put all the best bits in the trailer, hopefully that’s not the case.

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