RIDE Delayed On Xbox Platforms Until April

The Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of RIDE have been delayed until mid-April according to developer Milestone. The PS3, PS4 and PC versions remain unaffected and will release this Friday 27th March as planned.

There has been no reason given as to why it is only the Microsoft console versions of the game which are being delayed, although this is not the first time the game has been pushed back.


RIDE is the brand new IP from the developer of MotoGP and will let players loose on a variety of superbikes, letting them race on circuits in the countryside or in the city. A demo is available to download on PC and PS4.

Source: RIDE Video Game



  1. 2 days before release, what swines they are!

    • Im guessing there’s a heft day one patch and it got certified for PS but not on Xbox.

  2. The XBox One, at least, is new to Milestone. Last year’s MotorGP and MXGP games were only on PS4 in terms of next-gen.

    No idea at all if that is something to do with it. None. But hey.

  3. It’s a pity that BlackBean didn’t jump on this bandwagon and bring some SBK magic to the table. SBK has always outshone Moto in the Biking game genre IMPO.
    Still, always open to persuasion and will give the demo a blast ;)

    • Milestone also make the SBK games so they’ll probably be on PS4&X1 at some point.

    • Had a quick blast with the demo earlier and wasn’t that impressed as the bike seemed to take a while to change direction. Only had time to try one race on Kawasaki so will try the others before deciding.

  4. know the developer said recently that while both PS4 and XB1 have similar architecture, the PS4 favours raw GPU processing while the XB1 needs specific coding for the eSRAM, but that they had them both running equally well so the delay is surprising.
    I tried the demo, found it a bit underwhelming visually but the bike in the demo seemed well detailed. By the time the demo ended i felt i had mastered falling off quite well.

  5. The delay is most likely due to manufacturing issues and not the game itself.

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